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Students of Chernihiv Institute for Dignity and Freedom

22 November 2019 01:44

November 20, teachers and students of the Chernihiv Institute participated in the roundtable on the Day of Dignity and Freedom, which was established by the decree of the President of Ukraine, celebrated on November 21. The event took place in the assembly hall of the Chernihiv Regional Universal Scientific Library.

The event was moderated by the head of the department of general scientific, social and behavioral disciplines of Chernihiv Institute, candidate of historical sciences Pavlo Yampolets.

Leading scientists from our city, especcially the Northeast Interregional Division of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory and the Academy of State Penitentiary Service, spoke at the representative event.

Speakers have repeatedly emphasized the exceptional and decisive role of the Dignity Revolution in establishing a modern political Ukrainian nation and maintaining its accession to the EU and NATO.

Reports of the candidate of historical sciences, researcher of the recent history of Ukraine, Sergei Butko, were devoted to the analysis of events of the revolution in the regional aspect, in particular, in Chernihiv and the region and the speech of the student of the second course of specialty "Law", Chernihiv Institute of MAUP Maria Violins on the theme: "The Role of Domestic and Foreign Social Media in the Revolution of Dignity".

The report on street art during the Maidan and the study of the history of the song "Flowing Kacha", which became the requiem for the fallen heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, were also of great interest to the audience.

The event did not leave the audience indifferent and passed at a high scientific, methodological and patriotic level.

The staff of IAPM Chernihiv Institute expresses the gratitude to the organizers of the event, in particular N. Utyro for assistance in national-patriotic education of youth.

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