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In the Khmelnitsky Institute of IAPM, the Week of Law was completed

12 December 2017 15:08

Within the framework of the Week of Law, on December 8, 2017, at the IAPM Institute in Khmelnytsky, a round table discussion "Actual Issues of Improving Current Legislation and Protecting Human Rights in Ukraine" was held.

The meeting was attended by representatives of: Economic Court of the Khmelnytsky region (the chairman of the court Sergey Kramar), the Chief Territorial Administration of Justice in the Khmelnytsky region (Chief of the Department of Dzhubaba Lyudmila Vasilevna), Khmelnytsky City Department of the Registry Office of GTUU in the Khmelnytsky Region (leading specialist of the department Irina Vladimirovna Polischuk) , Khmelnytsky Regional Center for the Provision of Free Secondary Legal Aid (Deputy Director Bartholomev Elena Viktorovna), Khmelnytsky Local Center for the provision of free secondary legal aid (Director of the Center Gotsky Grigory Ivanovich), the State Service of Ukraine for War Veterans Affairs and ATO Participants (representative of the Service Klymuk Nikolai Stepanovich), Khmelnytsky City Center for Social Services for the Family, Children and Youth (Director of the Center Lyubechskaya Mar "Yana Nikolaevna), NGO" Podolsk Legal League "(lawyer Ploshchinska Anastasia Alekseiivna), scientific and pedagogical workers of the Khmelnytsky Institute of ChAO" Institute of Higher Education "MAUP", educational and scientific center of the right of the name of the prince Khmelnitsky University of Management and Law, National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Khmelnytsky National University, Khmelnytsky Institute of Social Technologies of the University of Ukraine, lawyers Khmelevskaya N.V., Bevza Yu.P. ., Loginova N. M. and others.

During the roundtable session, a book exhibition entitled "The State. Right. Society "is organized by the Khmelnitsky Regional Scientific Universal Library.

At the scientific meeting, the following issues were discussed: problems of protection of human rights in Ukraine; guarantees of the rights of ATO participants, their legal status; the issue of national projects of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine ("I have the right"), the activities of centers for the provision of free secondary legal aid and public organizations; the need to improve existing legislation and reform of legal institutions.

According to the results of the round table, a collection of scientific works "Actual questions of the state and protection of human rights in Ukraine" was published. Issue 5 ".
The materials of the collection can be found on the official site of the Institute in the section "Scientific publications".


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