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Easter in the Khmelnitsky Institute IAPM

19 April 2017 21:05

April 16 in the Temple of the Khmelnitsky Institute - Chapel of St. Ravnoapostolnogo Prince Vladimir, there was the Easter Service. It all began with the Cross and the Bells, which announced the beginning of the Festival.

The Rector of the Temple, Mitred Protopriest Michael Ilnitsky, according to the millennial tradition, began the Easter morning greeting "Christ is Risen!".

A large area in front of the Khmelnitsky Institute and the Temple was filled with believing Christians not only of Orthodox faith, but also of other Christian denominations.

It has become a tradition to read the Passover Gospel in different languages. This year, Father Mikhail read in Church Slavonic, Ukrainian, Greek, Latin, Bulgarian, Polish and Belarusian.

For fifteen thousand people who came to glorify the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, the facsimile edition of the Peresopnytsia Gospel was accepted for worship, which was presented to the Khmelnitsky Institute by the late Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir.

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