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Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

29 December 2017 11:04

Dear students and staff Interregional Academy of Personnel!

We heartily congratulate you with New Year 2018 and wish you Merry Christmas! Let these magnificent winter holidays be generous, understanding and respecting.

New Year is a time of the most cherished desires. We wish you to ve with loved ones, and let 2018 be a year of good luck, good relationships, warmth and joy!

Christmas is a symbol of new life, wisdom, optimism, conquering of new heights. It is the embodiment of good faith, purity, eternity and continuity of human existence that multiplies with the best traditions of Ukrainian people. Let the Christmas star illuminate your heart with pure light of eternal virtues and values.

We wish you and your families health, happiness and prosperity!

Sincerely yours, IAPM.

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