Georgiy Schokin

Founder of the International Personnel Academy and Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.Chairman of the Board.

Born in 1954.

Founder and President of International Personnel Academy, founder and chairman of the Supervisory Board of IAPM, chairman of All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Charity," deputy head of International Biographical Centre (England) and American Biographical Institute (USA).

He has scientific degrees in psychology, sociology and management, Professor of Theology. Honorary doctor and Professor, honorary and full member (Academician) of universities and academies of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Britain, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, United States.

Member of the editorial boards of several scientific journals, author of over 250 works on social philosophy, religious studies, sociology, psychology, education and human resource management. Performed his scientific reports at world, European and international forums in Berlin, Moscow, Tehran, Belgrade, Abu Dhabi, Havana, Kiev and other capitals.

Holds orders of Ukrainian, Russian and Serbian Orthodox Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church, as well as many scientific awards of Ukraine, Britain, USA, Russia, state awards of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Serbia, the honorary title "Honored worker of education of Ukraine". He marked as one of the two thousand eminent scientists of the XX century by International Biographical Association (Cambridge, England), and one of the five hundred most influential leaders by the American Biographical Institute (USA). Winner of various awards in science, culture and education.

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