Training program in Security

Heads of security are invited to undergo the courses of professional development at the Higher Academic Courses (HAC) under the program "Management of Security units (department, management service) on the country enterprises."

Students will receive the training certificate (state standard) in the field of security. 

Code of the profession for Heads of security units defined in the National Classification of professions DK:2010 No. 1229.7 "The Head (Director, Head of Department (service, management, etc.) of security (financial, economic, informational).

Duration of training — 3 months.

Work of first in Ukraine Specialized scientific Council on thesis for the scientific degree "Security Studies" with awarding the academic degree "Doctor of Philosophy in Security Studies" has begun.

Duration — 1 year. 

All graduates receive the diploma of the international sample. 

To attention of the heads of security companies!

According to requirements of the law of Ukraine “About security activity”, we prepare specialists in the field of security and safety for professions:

5169 "Guards" (1st level, initial training). Duration — 1.5 months.

(2-6 professional development).Duration — from 1 to 3.5 months.

5169 "Bodyguard" (initial training), Senior guard — (professional development).

Course training for professional development in "Security Management"
  • Head of Security at the enterprises of Ukraine;
  • The head of protection and security division (physical and economic);
  • Specialist in management of property and personal safety.

Duration of training — 4 months on Saturdays (108 hours). Students will receive the official certificate of professional development in the chosen specialty. 

The program meets the requirements of training of specialists in the group of professions No. 1231 " Head (Director) of subdivision (department, service, office) of security (financial, economic, and informational)" and "Head of Department of Safety and Security (physical and economic)", entered in the State Classifier of professions of Ukraine DK 003:2010. 

Training course in "Organization of companies security"
  • Manager of organization of safety at the enterprises of Ukraine;
  • Manager of informational and analytical support on safety of enterprises in Ukraine;
  • Manager of the organization's property and personal safety;
  • Manager of security organization of banking institutions in Ukraine;
  • Manager of organization of competitive intelligence units at the enterprises of Ukraine;
  • Specialist in financial and economic security;
  • Specialist in accounting and analytical support of economic security;
  • Specialist of tourism security. 

Duration — 2.5 months on Saturdays (54 hours). Students will receive the certificate of passing the training course.

Classes are held on a modular system. Participants are provided with unique methodological developments. Individual counseling is performed, it provides targeted assistance according to the specific activity of the enterprises. 

Trainings and seminars on security issues
  • Organization of corporate security;
  • Security service of the enterprise;
  • Management of financial and economic security of the enterprise;
  • Personnel security of the enterprise;
  • Modern methods to ensure the reliability of the company's personnel;
  • Corporate conflicts — challenges and solutions;
  • Mechanisms of interaction between security companies and the law enforcement authorities of Ukraine;
  • Security of foreign economic activity of the enterprise;
  • Commercial secret of the company, its content and methods of protection;
  • Security of auditing: methods, techniques, tools;
  • Information and analytical support of safety;
  • Accounting and analytical support of economic security. 

Additional information may be obtained at the following address:

Kyiv, Suvorova str., 2,  building 7, room 309

Tel.: 490-95-21

int.: 14-50; 063-453-94-97.

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