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Guest of the Discussion Club at IAPM - Andriy Teteruk

23 February 2016 14:55

February 23  the People's Deputy of Ukraine Andriy Teteruk visited Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Andriy Teteruk is Ukrainian military, commander of the volunteer battalion patrol special police "Peacemaker", Affairs Research of Ukraine in the Kiev region, in 2014 - People's Deputy of Ukraine of the 8th convocation.

IAPM Head Anatoly Podolyaka began the meeting:

"Discussion Club at IAPM started its activities in 2008. It is a modern and high-tech platform, which is designed for a full discussion of the most pressing problems of socio-economic and political life of the Ukrainian society. Today, the club format provides an invitation to leading politicians, academics, athletes, representatives of culture and art, who are willing to share their practical experience with the youth".

The theme of the meeting was the current political situation in Ukraine and armed conflict in the East. Andriy Anatolyevich told that at the beginning of March 2014 he was enlisted in the military, and then was appointed as commander of the battalion patrol special police "Peacemaker". Andriy Teteruk told that the battalion enter professional military, veterans of peacekeeping missions with great experience in overseas operations.

"I prepared the national division as a division of their dreams. We did not have any object other than a tactical training of military medical and fire, as we have worked to neutralize explosive devices", - said the deputy.

Continuing his story, Andriy Teteruk noted how the entire team of volunteers they were sent to the ATO zone, and what first impressions he got from what he saw in the East:

"Slavyansk was dead, death could be smelled oin the air".

Andriy Anatolyevich told the students about the mission of the battalion "Peacemaker" in different cities of the East of Ukraine: in Slavyansk, Dzerzhinsk, Ilovaisk. With trepidation he recalled the military and his brother, who did not return from the ATO zone:

"I am proud of the fact that no one has expressed disappointment. We have proved that they are able to sacrifice themselves, but did not carry out the will of the enemy".

The politician said that in any case you need to believe in yourselves, and the truth and time will show if we, Ukrainians, had the right to make a mistake.

During the lecture, students of IAPM put many questions to Andriy Teteruk. Future lawyers, diplomats, sociologists are interested in the crisis situation in the Parliament, the strategy of Ukraine's development and mission of students in this process.

At the end of the meeting Anatoly Podolyaka  gave Andriy Teteruk book, that were published at Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Olga Korobiy

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