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Interview with a future student of the Academy

28 July 2020 13:49

At the Open Day we had the good fortune to talk to the future student Alexandra and learn her impressions of the Academy.

 – What qualifications did you apply for?

Alexandra: I want to enter the International Relations of your Academy. I do a little work in this field, and I think it would be very good to deepen my knowledge. Also, my dad graduated from that specialty this year. He liked it, so he advised me.

– How was the process of choosing an educational institution?

Alexandra: I was looking at Taras Shevchenko University and the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. There were no other options. But T. Shevchenko University has some nuances that don’t match my criteria. So I decided to take my father’s advice and apply to your Academy. They said I wouldn't regret it.

– Have you had any difficulties getting into the Academy?

Alexandra: First, I called the admissions office, where I was explained in detail and all the questions were answered. After registering for Open Day, I was contacted and asked if I had any entry questions.

– What are your first impressions of the Academy?

Alexandra: Today for the first time crossed the threshold of the Academy.  Surprised that there are so many applicants.  In general, the impression is good.  Nice staff.  Well-maintained and large area.  Although I haven’t seen it all yet, I like it already.

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