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"IAPM Olympiad is a test to choose the future specialty" - Ivan Bidzyura

28 March 2016 14:03

On March 26, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management hosted the second stage of the All-Ukrainian IAPM Olympiad in psychology.

In the second round of the Olympiad parties were based on the results of the 1st stage. We asked pupils why did they decide to participate in the Olympiad:

Martsenyuk Diana, student of the European Collegium in Kyiv: "School teacher offered me to take part in the Olympiad. I am interested in this proposal, because I am going to educate in "Psychology" in the future. Therefore, it became interesting to test my knowledge and work with practicing psychologist".

Bogdan Pyslar, student of the college Chernivtsi University: "I decided to try something new and creative. Psychology - is some extent work, so I decided to try myself in the capital".

Elina Adamova, student of Chernivtsi Lyceum №1, mathematical and economic profiles: "I learned the info about Olympiad from facebook, shared my thoughts with friends and they persuaded me to take part in the Olympiad, also I plan to study in this area".

Olympiad began with opening speech of the director of Aliev Ukrainian-Azerbaijani Institute of Social Sciences and Self-government Ivan Bidzyura:

"Congratulations to all the participants of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in psychology. IAPM Olympiad is a test to choose the future profession. Knowledge is a resource that you exchange for something to live confidently and self-sufficient. Therefore, participants involved in today's Olympiad, take the first step to a successful career in the future".

After the words of congratulations an important point of the 2nd round began - writing entries. All works have been encoded, so the tellers did not know names of the participants. Evaluation took place on the following criteria: creativity, response validity, breadth, originality, completeness, consistency and culture.

"Today, in addition to determining the winners, we shall choose the best works in 4 categories: "Explorer" - a participant who shows maximum ability in search of psychological problems, "Creative personality" - a work in which outstanding creative ability and creative thinking is pronounced, "Practitioner" - students who show greater skills and practices in dealing with people, "Minority Report" - a work in which original thinking is expressed", - said the Head of the General Psychology Department of Aliev Ukrainian-Azerbaijani Institute of social Sciences and Self-government Elena Turinina.

While students performed competitive tasks, parents listened to a lecture on "Fathers and Sons: psychology of relationships" from the leading scientists of the Institute.

After writing papers students and parents took part in a tour of the IAPM campus. 

At the end of the tour the grand award of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian IAPM Olympiad in psychology. Places and the categories set as follows:

  • in the "Research" won Kseniya Novik from Dnepropetrovsk;
  • the title of "Creative personality" received Yulia Maksimenko from Kiev;
  • the title of "Practitioner" received Elena Adamova from Chernovtsy;
  • in the "Minority Report" won Yulia Kaljuzhnaja from Cherkassy.

Trird place, 5000 UAH and the discount on tuition 5% received Danilenko Anastasia from Kharkov;

Second place, 10 000 UAH and 10% discount received Anna Buschak from Lutsk;

The winner of the All-Ukrainian IAPM Olympiad in psychology became Diana Guzik from Kherson, who received 20,000 UAH and 20% discount on education at the Academy.

Olga Korobiy

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