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A textbook for students of higher education institutions "Fundamentals of Educational Management" was released

02 March 2020 00:51

Under the auspices of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, a textbook for students of higher education institutions "Fundamentals of Educational Management" was released. The author of the textbook - Naydenov Ivan Nikolaevich candidate of pedagogical sciences.

The purpose of the training manual is to provide students with the necessary theoretical foundations, innovative approaches to making independent decisions in the field of management activities and the acquisition of practical skills in principles, techniques and methods for managing the content of work in an educational organization.

In the training manual substantive and systematic topical issues of organization theory and organization management in the field of education are substantiated and systematized. The issues of management of maintenance of work in the educational sphere are considered. The questions of the place and role of the head of the educational organization in the management of the educational process, the question of the management psychology of education in education are substantially disclosed. The general principles of management activity, innovative technologies, methods of the manager as a modern manager in the educational branch are highlighted. The obtained knowledge can be used in the organization of business relationships with subordinates, whose success, to a large extent, is determined by the ability to comprehensively use psychological and pedagogical knowledge in the organization of the team and its functioning.

By addressing this tutorial to the students of the magistracy, graduate students and young teachers, we hope that it will be used in the system of professional development of scientific and pedagogical staff, as well as during self-education, the individual creative work of all those involved in the field of education and upbringing of the younger generation!

Congratulations with the release of the scientific publication and we wish you further creative success!

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