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"Gifts in a bag" from the "Prestige" dance band

18 January 2016 13:32

Recently, in the “Ukraine” cinema hall, students of educational complex "Prestige" of  the AIDP held a concert named "Gifts in a bag"

This year dance band "Prestige" celebrates 5th anniversary. Over the years the young dancers have won many awards, including the Gold festival «PLANETA dance fest» in Chernihiv and Bronze festival «Golden Fest» in Odessa..

The concert of  Interregional Academy of Personnel attended many parents and guests. Like true artists, kids a little worried before the performance on the big stage, but from the first minute of the concert guests received a lot of emotions and were captured by the mood of the dance. According the scenario, each dance was a gift which was taken from New Year Santa Claus’s bag. Young artists performed before the audience in different ways: snowflakes, pirates, kittens, sailors, gypsies and many others.

Also in the celebration the youth organization "Children - Indigo"dancers participated, they were  in the images of cowboys and amazons.

“Dance concerts of SPC "Prestige " are always incredible feast of emotions. The dances are not the only thing which do children at the concert, they also give a piece of themselves to the audience. Generally, as a dancer, I can say that the dance classes have many advantages. First of them is the physical health, the children form a good posture and flexibility, train all muscle groups. Secondly, when dancing, children develop themselves not only physically, but also learn to perceive and feel the music. Dancing promote the development of children's imagination and ability to improvise. Dancing helps to reveal the character and personality of the child  more clearly and develop such qualities as dedication, organization and hard work "- said Daria Tomka, the anchor.

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