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Students of IAPM and Economics and Law College visited Mezhyhiria

19 April 2016 13:15

April 18, students of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and Economics and Law College at IAPM visited the former residence of Victor Yanukovych - Mezhyhiria. Among the tourists were a lot of foreign students enrolled in the Academy. Teachers of the Institute of International Education of IAPM Helena Kvitko and Natalia Lyashenko also joined the tour, as well as leading specialist of housing for students and educational work Alina Igorevna Chernyshev.

Mezhyhiria struck tourists with its scale and luxury. In the park students saw the main building, "Honka" club house, in which the golden notes and golden loaf were found, a botanical garden, a cascade of ponds at all levels from bridges, mountainous alleys with park sculptures and rotundas, a tea house with a bath and a vat on the fire, a unique golf course and tennis courts, hunting grounds. Students and teachers also visited the zoo with various animals, such as the Australian emu, peacocks, pheasants, geese, Australian, earthy hare.

After a 2 km walk along the Mezhyhiria tourists came to the ship on the Dnieper River. This is a luxurious floating jetty "Galleon", which is located at the bottom of "Mezhyhiria", on the shore of the Kiev Sea. And after visiting the ship, students visited the famous garages with many vintage cars and motorcycles.

Interesting was the fact that opening of the residence allowed tourists to touch the ancient history of Mezhyhirya - the spiritual center of the Ukrainian Cossacks. From the 16th century there existed a Cossack Mezhigorskaya Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery and Old settlement. Mezhigorskaya Spas, together with the Assumption monastery in Trakhtemyriv, served as a rear base of Zaporizhzhya Sich - there was a hospital, warehouse equipment and weapons, the communication center. Each Cossack considered it necessary to at least once in life come to Mezhyhiria to repent and pray.

According to the organizers of the tour such events contribute to a greater awareness of the students about Ukraine, study of history and memories.

Olga Korobiy

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