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IAPM students have successfully completed internships in educational institutions

01 November 2019 08:39
Pedagogical and undergraduate practice is an integral part of the educational process at the Department of Professional Education of  IAPM.
In order to prepare specialists who are able to carry out managerial and organizational tasks at a high professional level, manage production units, solve urgent problems of the educational institution’s strategic development, creatively approach the complex solution of complex specialized tasks and practical problems of preparing the teaching staff for innovative activities, students of the department of professional education and school management (group S-12-17-M1UZ (2.0z)) eshno had practice in modern educational institutions, including, in the sanatorium boarding school № 20 for children with small and inactive forms of tuberculosis. The most important thing in the activities of the sanatorium boarding school is: restoration and strengthening of children's health in combination with general education training to provide pupils with qualified medical, psychological and pedagogical assistance, support in life self-determination.
During practice, the following practice-oriented skills were obtained such as: optimization of the planning and prognostic activity of the head of an educational institution; modeling in the system of educational institution management methods; improving the quality of school management; modernization of the educational institution management structure; the formation of a cultural and educational space for the development of an educational institution.
The department is proud of its students and wishes further professional growth!
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