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In IAPM national Olympiad in Economics was held

01 March 2016 10:29

On February 27, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management hosted the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad at IAPM in  economics.

To the second round of the Olympiad from 212 applicants reached only 57 participants who have shown good results in the 1st stage. Olympics began with an opening speech of Valery Zahozhay, director of Holy Princess Olga Institute of International Economics and Finance:

"Today is an extraordinary day in the Academy, because we are holding the first All-Ukrainian Olympiad at IAPM in basic economics. The main goal of the Olympiad is to identify your creative abilities, dear participants, as well as to test their strength in the scientific work, because in front of each of you will be higher education".

After the words of congratulations the most important moment of the 2nd round began - writing entries. All works have been encoded, so professional members of the Commission did not know the names of the participants, whose work they checked. Participants were put situational tasks in 5 areas: economics, finance and credit, banking, marketing, and accounting and auditing, by doing that they could score the maximum number of points - 100.

After writing papers students and parents took a tour of the campus IAPM. Especially excursionists struck by the abundance of sculptural ensembles in the territory of the Academy, among them - the only and unique in Kyiv Garden 7 wonders of the world, where you can see a miniature sculpture of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the statue of Olympian Zeus, the Colossus of Rhodes, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the Pyramids of Giza, the Pharos Lighthouse , Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.

At the end of the tour there was the grand award winners of the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad at IAPM in basic economics. Therefore, the place and the nomination as follows:

  • in the direction of "Finance and Credit" winner was a student of Chernivtsi Lyceum №1 Victoria Grif;
  • in the direction of "Banking" the best student of Kiev was determined Dmitry Orekhovskiy;
  • in the direction of "Accounting and auditing" was named the best work of student work Osterska gymnasium Natalia Zhili;
  • student of the Economic Lyceum of Odessa Alexander Dorokhov was elected as winner of two directions - "Economics" and "Marketing";
  • and also noted student of the Pedagogical Lyceum of Kirovograd Catherine Zabotkin.

3rd place award in 5000 hryvnias, and 5% discount for the entire period of study at the Academy received Bagrintsev Igor, a student of the Economic Lyceum № 2 of Nikolaev;

2nd place, 10 000 hryvnias and 10% discount for the entire period of education received Nevinchina Natalia, a student of Ukrainian Humanitarian Lyceum of Kyiv;

The winner of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad at IAPM in economics  became Vladislav Ivanchuk, student of Lutsk gymnasium № 21, who received 20 000 hryvnias and 20% discount for the entire period of study at the Academy.

All students were awarded with certificates of participants of the Olympiad and got a 5% discount on education in IAPM.

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