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The XIV City competition "Entrepreneurship, advertising and design: the winning formula» completed in Institute of advertising

18 March 2016 11:34

March 17, Institute of advertising hosted the second stage of the contest XIV of the City "Business, advertising and design: the formula of success" among the students of secondary schools of Ukraine.

Competition was organized by Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Department of Education and Science of Kyiv, Institute of Advertising, the Union of Advertisers of Ukraine, the Union of Designers of Ukraine, the Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

The competition was held in two phases in the following categories:

  • "Advertising and Journalism";
  • "Advertising and Journalism Online»;
  • "Design".

In the first round, participants performed the task, according to the chosen category. Students who have chosen "Advertising and Journalism", had to create a slogan for the goods and to solve tests. Contestants who have chosen "Design", had to develop a basic concept of graphic design of a small site on the example of the main and sub-pages with elements of corporate identity (in any graphic technique or by using computer graphics software). The maximum number of points that participants could get - 100. In the second round of the competition took part only those students who scored more than 51 points.

The second stage was called "Turn talent into the profession". Participants in nomination "Advertising and Journalism" and "Advertising and Journalism Online" received competition works, in which they had to pass a test and perform creative tasks of different complexity. Contestants in "Design" nomination had to choose one of 3 specializations: graphic design and advertising, environmental design or web design. Graphic designers created a social poster and illustrate a novel or science fiction; environmental designers built room interiors, and web designersdeveloped a series of thematic banners.

Before performing the tasks students told about the main terms and conditions of the second round. After the competition professional commission checked the works.

Therefore, results of the contest XIV of the City "Business, advertising and design: formula for success," were set as follows:

Category "Design"

  • 3rd place was taken by a student of Kyiv school № 200 Anastasia Bogutskaya, who received 25% discount on education in Institute of Advertising.;
  • Second place went to student of Kyiv school  234 Seraphima Slisarevska, who received a 50% discount in tuition in Institute of Advertising.

Category "Advertising and Journalism"

  • 3rd place was taken by a student of Kyivschool № 185 Alina Kurylenko, who received 25 discount on education in Institute of Advertising;
  • 2nd place - the student of Kharkov school № 149 Valeria Didenko, who received a 50% discount on tuition in Institute of Advertising;
  • The first place was taken by a student of Shepetovka school № 2 Sveredyuk Darya, who got a certificate for free education for one year in Institute of Advertising.

Category "Advertising and Online Journalism"

  • 3rd place, 5,000 hryvnias, and 5% discount on education in IAPM received a student of Kyiv school № 189 Alina Koneva;
  • Second place, 10,000 hryvnias, and 10% discount on education in IAPM received a pupil of Kyiv gymnasium № 19 Nadezhda Dubchak.

All participants received certificates for the 5% discount on tuition.


Olga Korobiy

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