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Vasiliy Virastjuk - newly graduate of IAPM!

18 February 2016 13:16

Over 26 years of existence of Interregional Academy of Personnel Management Club of outstanding graduates of IAPM replenished stellar graduates annually. This year famous Ukrainian athlete Vasiliy Virastjuk joined the Club.

Vasiliy Virastjuk - Ukrainian athlete, winner of the title "The strongest man in Ukraine" (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005) and "The strongest man in the world" (2004), a member of the Ukrainian team, which won the title of "most powerful nation of the world" in 2003 and 2004, Merited master of sports of Ukraine.

Vasiliy has become a student of the Academy in 2008, embarked on the training in the specialty "Management" and specialization "Economics and business management". From the first months of education he actively began to participate in life of the Academy.


Therefore, May, 29, 2009 on the territory of IAPM competitions of strongest athletes of Ukraine "Powerful Game" was held . This sports festival gathered many spectators at the Square of knowledge where people welcomed athletes with loud applause. Athletes have raised serious bullets, overtighten vehicles and trailers.


Ukrainian athlete took an active part not only in the sports life of the Academy, but also in various art competitions and festivals. He always participated in the Days of Knowledge on the first of September and gave words of encouragement to students in their freshman year.


In 2013, Vasiliy got Master's degree in "Management and Administration". And just recently he became a graduate of the Academy, with honors, as a Master of Economics and Business Administration.


We congratulate Vasiliy Virastjuk with successful graduation and wish you success in the professional field as well as in the world of sports!


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