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The preliminary defense of the thesis of students of the Department of Professional Education and School Management took place

05 September 2019 14:39

September 05, 2019, under the guidance of the Head of the Department of Vocational Education and Management of IAPM, Zhukova I.V. held preliminary defense of the diploma work of students of the department: Fishchuk A.G., Inshin M.I., Chekhovich L.M., Puz V.A. and Skakun A.Yu.

The management of the diploma work was carried out by Zhukova I.V. - Candidate of Sciences in Public Administration, Associate Professor; Naydenov I.M., Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Vocational Education and Management of the Institution; Ysef N.N. - Candidate of Science (Engineering), Professor, Department of Vocational Education and Training.

The diploma (master's) work has a generic character and is an independent individual qualification work with elements of research and innovation, which serves as a result of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the normative and selective components of educational and vocational or educational training programs for students.

The preliminary defense of the diploma works of the students of the Department of Vocational Education and Management of the IAPM was held in order to systematize, consolidate, expand theoretical and practical knowledge in the specialty 073 "Management" and their application in solving specific management tasks; developing self-study skills and mastering research related to the topic of work.

The students reported on the managerial culture of the head of the educational institution, emphasizing the importance of defining a person as the highest value of society not only in words but also in matters for the integration of Ukraine into the international educational space. This is possible provided the use of an anthro-social approach to the management of the school, which sees both the person and the main productive force with certain spiritual and material interests, and also helps to combine these interests with the public. First of all, it would be advisable to provide each manager of a comprehensive educational institution with appropriate specialized management education.

Student of the MV-10-16 M5UZ (3.0s) group Inshin M.I. in his master's thesis on "Management of the educational institution: subject, methods, performance criteria", examined the important criteria of effectiveness of heads of educational institutions, which consist not only in enriching and updating the subject and didactic and methodological knowledge of their subordinates and not simply adding to them social, psychological and cultural methods, although their importance is difficult to dispute. It is necessary to develop educational programs focused on the formation of practically-oriented knowledge, which are used "here and now".

In general, the defense of the diploma work was at a high level.

We wish students a fruitful professional activity and success in the professional field !!!

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