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Of political and public organizations to the international community in relation to the election of 2006 in Ukraine

18 Квітня 2006 13:04
To the  United Nations Organization,
Governments of all countries of the world
and world community
Of political and public organizations to the international community in relation to the election  of 2006 in Ukraine
Election in Ukraine in March, 2006, according to the promulgated reports of political parties and blocks, were totally falsified. For example, only elections of mayors and only in regional centers, such as Kyiv, Simpferopol, Cherkasy, Kirovograd, Khmel'nitskiy, Lutsk, Chernigov, are admitted by courts invalid or their results are refuted today in a judicial order. It almost ЗО % from total number of city chairmen of regional centers of Ukraine. The same situation is observed in relation to elections of deputies to the regional,  city and other local legislature organs . It is obvious, that not less scales of falsification took place with the results of elections to the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine, where representatives only of five political forces got to:
- Party of regions (chairman -Victor Yanukovych, ex- prime -minister of Ukraine);
- Julia Timoshenko Block  ( chairman -  ex- prime -minister of Ukraine);
- People’s union «Our Ukraine» (honored chairman - president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, chairman - prime minister of Ukraine Yuryi Ekhanurov);
- Socialistic party of Ukraine (chairman - ex-speaker of Supreme Soviet Alexander Moroz);
- Communist party of Ukraine (chairman - Petro Simonenko).
Main falsification, according to the reports, took place in territorial commissions – the middle link between the Central election committee (CEC) and local elections districts . Chairman of  CEC Yaroslav Davidovich   -  the former first deputy of S. Kivalov, who was repeatedly accused in falsification of presidential elections results of 2004. Considerable part of CEC present staff   took part in that loud falsification. Present falsification of parliamentary elections also could not take place without participation of CEC. To the persuasion of many political and public organizations in Ukraine, this falsification is the  plot of parties which have got in parliament.
Parliamentary elections of 2006 in Ukraine, by estimations of international experts, became the most expensive in Europe, their expenditure only on the direct advertising account for about milliard dollars of the USA, although the results of races were, obviously, known to the customers long before their completion. Millions of the USA dollars were spent by each of parties-customers to make the image of «honest competitions» to the races. Today the main aim of “winners” – falsifier is the repayment of the spent funds and their multiple increasing. That is why, hard fight is conducted now between all parliamentary groupments for the most «profitable» places in the future government (ministry of finance, tax and custom services, power departments etc).
Thus, today's parliament of Ukraine can not be considered legitimate, as well as all vertical line of legislature, as these organs are formed as a result of falsified elections. This nonlegitimate parliament will appoint the same nonlegitimate government and the same nonlegitimate judicial branch of power. We will add here the President of Ukraine, who was elected with violations of current legislation as a result of the additional, third round of elections. Forming of such nonlegitimate power is the basis for establishment of future illegal dictatorship of criminally-totalitarian manner, which can be defined as bandocracy.
       To our opinion, falsification of parliamentary elections in Ukraine could not take place without the consent of European Union, as exactly from it, there were the most of observers. It is an interesting fact that before the announcement of official results of elections Euro parliament acknowledged them «democratic» and made a request to the Euro commission to give to Ukraine the associated membership in European Union. The similar took place on past presidential election in Ukraine, where especially noticeable was interference of the European Union commissar Khav’er Solana - former general secretary of NATO, who is responsible for bombardment of peaceful population of former Yugoslavia.
       Understanding, that for promulgation of this Appeal, political repressions and pursuits will be applied against us, we consciously desire to inform the world public about the evidences of falsification of elections in Ukraine and about the threat of establishment of criminally-totalitarian dictatorship.
Presidium of National Counsel of Ukrainian Conservative party
Presidium of МГО „International Personnel Academy"
Federation Executive committee of patriotic editions of Ukraine
Presidium of All Ukrainian public-patriotic union «Ukrainian choice»
Presidium of All Ukrainian public organization „ Anti-slander league of Ukraine"
Presidium of Public organization „Anti-slander league", Kyiv
Presidium of Russian society of Kyiv
Presidium of the Kiev bureau on human rights
All Ukrainian public organization  the «All Ukrainian Cossack army»
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