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IAPM delegation took part in the International education conference in Moscow

15 Квітня 2011 13:50

The other day Inter-regional Academy of personnel management delegation including head of the supervisory council of IRAPM Georgy Shchokin and Igor Pilyaev, vice president of international relations, general director of International Open University of the Academy took part in the representative international conference dedicated to problems of educational services, which took place in Moscow.

A great number of representatives of higher educational institutions and agent companies of post-soviet space took part in the conference. During the conference were held negotiations of IAPM delegation with ten agent companies of Russia, educational agents from Belarus, Moldova, Kirghizstan, along with representatives of higher educational institutions of Britain, Spain, Latvia, Sweden and Turkey.

During the negotiations were discussed questions of admission of students in Ukraine, realization of mutual scientific educational programs, projects of creating IPAM foreign centers of open education.

IAPM delegation hold talks with heads of Russian educational institutions, such as Moscow Institute of economics, and Institute of world economics and information. Agreements were reached to establish long-term educational and scientific cooperation with aforementioned educational institutions. Partners were particularly interested in proposals to develop joint open education projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan.

By the results of held talks there was started work dealing with well-grounded expert preparation and practical realization of achieved agreements.

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