The IAPM hails the soccer winners of the 25th World Student Games

15 Липня 2009 13:54

The Academy has long since given much attention to development of physical culture and sports. It has numerous sports groups, where students have an opportunity to go in for various sports. Many of them have achieved great successes. Thus, IAPM students are the winners of freestyle wrestling, hand-to-hand fighting, soccer, basketball, aerobics championships of different levels. The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management is also proud of its Olympic champions and Olympic Games prizewinners – actual students or already alumni. They include Elbrus Tedeyev, Vasyl’ Virastiuk, Iryna Merleni, Volodymyr Shats’kykh, Ihor Razorionov, Anton Bochkariov, Natalia Skakun and others.

SoccerisalsoactivelydevelopingattheAcademy, which produces its results. Thenamesofourathletes-soccerplayersare also known well beyond the bounds of Ukraine. Their victories redound to the sports fame of the Academy and Ukraine.

Itshouldberecalledthatin 2005 theIAPMstudentsfor the first time defended the honor of their Motherland at the European level – at the continental championship among higher education establishments. Andthefirsttry was successful – the IAPM team became the bronze prize winner. ItshouldbenotedthatovertheyearsofindependencetheIAPMstudentshavebeentheonlyoneswho have managed not to come back from this competition empty-handed.

ThisfeatentitledUkrainetodelegatealreadynextyear two teams to the students’ Euro. In 2006, theAcademy’ssoccerplayersstoppedonly a few steps away of the three prize-winning places – they ranked 4th. In 2007, duetoaclevershootforrival’sgoalAcademy’seducateeDmytroPronkevychensuredthevictoryfortheUkrainiannationalteamand was recognized the best player of the World Student Games. Lastyear, theIAPMsoccerteamwas second at the 6th European Soccer Championship of students.

This year’s 25th World Student Games took place in Serbia. It should be noted that head coach of the picked team Volodymyr Lozyns’kyj raised Ukraine at the international level already for the second time being now the chief advisor of the IAPM soccer team. Already for the second time, the student picked team of Ukraine gets the victory – it wins the gold medal. Five Ukrainian soccer team members-students of the IAPM constituted the team formed the team’s staple.

The decisive soccer meet happened Friday, on July 10, when the student picked team of Ukraine prevailed during the match with the Italian team with the score 3 to 2. Two years ago, these teams already contested the gold medal of the Student Games; at that time, the last clever hit of our student Dmytro Pronkevych clinched the case. This time, the supporters witnessed five goals. Already at the second minute of the match the Ukrainian team showed its real preparedness for the match during a corner free kick. Our soccer players scored the second goal after a service from the pitch corner – quick-moving defense player Monakhov did not want to make a pass but at once made a good shoot. Ihor Hordya proved to be involved scoring the third goal against the Italians – having followed the flank, he made a well aimed pass to Andriy Shevchuk, but, instead of him, an Italian player “used” it. The last minutes of the match made everybody worry a great deal, since the opponent, virtually the entire team, played an all-or-nothing game. However, the score did not change: the day was ours.


President of the All-Ukrainian Football Associationof Students Vitaliy Pylypenko considers the victory of the Ukrainian soccer picked team as follows: “We are the champions. The team performed excellently, showed a high preparedness level. The team members were from the very beginning geared up for a victory.” Answering the question about preparation of the IAPM students-members of the national team, he said: “Special thanks to the IAPM management, who, in parallel with the educational process, cultivate famous athletes, who win glory to Ukraine. To receive education at an educational establishment and defend its honor is a sound approach of the Academy management to formation of an all-round individuality. The guys turned out to be able to win owing to their team spirit, skill and due to the self-belief.”

Team’sdefensiveplayerandsecond-yearstudentoftheIAPMInstituteofManagementandBusinessAntonMonakhovsharesimpressions: “We had much difficulty to get the victory but we did it. Emotions filled our spirit during the last match. Many thanks to the Academy management, who have always supported the sportspersons, care very much for our achievements.”

TheteamoftheIvano-FrankivskNationalTechnical Oil and Gas University is a regular soccer opponent of the IAPM team. PresidentoftheFC “Prykarpattya” shared his impressions of the soccer game: “I am pleased that Ukraine won the first place. Experienceandthespirit of victoryhelped our team to become the champion. Foranyteam, towina similar competition represents a rather high-profile event that will remain for life and go down in history. Nexttime, theteamwillbecomeanindisputablefavorite.”

FullofemotionsDirectoroftheBoardofPhysicalCultureandSportsMyronIlnytskyjshared his impressions of the game: “Coach of the national team Volodymyr Lozyns’kyj has trained and cultivated the team in the spirit of victory. Icanbeproudtosaythat the IAPM is the leader of student soccer of Ukraine. Ourtaskismaximalistic; the second and third places are tantamount to a defeat. Ourstudentsconstitutethebaseofthepickedstudentteam.”

All IAPM staff and the united student body congratulate the student picked team of Ukraine and wish it new victories! Special thanks to the IAPM soccer players, who win sporting fame to Ukraine and the Academy. These are Anton Monakhov, Andriy Bashlaï, Andriy Shevchuk, Artem Starhorods’kyj, and Andriy Zaporozhan.

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