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Holy Grand Duchess Olga Educational and Scientific Institute of International Economics and Finance

Building 2, tel. (044) 524-90-64, (044) 490-95-20

Holy Grand Duchess Olga Educational and Scientific Institute of International Economics and Finance (IIEF) was founded September 1, 1999. Since October 2012 Director of the Institute - Professor Valeriy Borisovich Zahozhaj.

The Institute has trained more than 10,000 professionals, including 4,688 stationary students: Bachelors - 1501 Specialists - 884, Masters - 2303; and 5500 students of correspondence courses: Bachelors - 2291, Specialists - 549, Masters - 2660.

Director of the Holy Grand Duchess Olga Educational and Scientific Institute of International Economics and Finance - Doctor of Economic Science, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Science, Academicianof IPA Valery Zahozhaj.

Tel.: (044) 490-95-20; 12-29 (building 2, room 30).

Professor Zahozhaj is a renowned expert in finance and statistics. He has over 20 years experience in research, teaching and leadership. He is the author of over 130 publications: monographs, textbooks, scientific articles, methodological developments.

While studying at Institute of International Economics and Finance you will become a high-level expert. IIEF will give you a unique opportunity to get prestigious education that combines multifaceted modern knowledge of financier, banker, analyst, researcher and head of any rank.

Educational and Scientific Institute of International Economics and Finance is:
  • opportunity to receive higher education on qualification levels: bachelor, specialist and master in the field of "Economics and Entrepreneurship", in the areas of: finance and credit, accounting and auditing, marketing, banking;
  • professional scientific and teaching staff (80% of Doctors and Candidates of Science), which allows to train highly qualified professionals;
  • modern educational process, provided through the introduction of advanced forms of the educational process, using of modern information technologies and active learning methods, practical situations and control;
  • usingthe effective extracurricular learning, namely: participation in scientific conferences, national student researches, international advertising, marketing and media exhibitions, advertising festivals, round tables with obligatory participation of leading scientists, economists-practitians, managers, practitioners etc.
  • organization of training in modern European educational model "teacher (scholar) - educational and scientific association of students - creative research work", which provides the permanent knowledge acquiring (there are student’s scientific groups: "Economic knowledge", "Banker" "Marketer", "Economist", "The problems of the financial system of Ukraine");
  • almost one thousandstudent’s self-government;
  • creation of good conditions for leisure activities (traditional events: "Dedication to freshmen", "Debut of Freshman" competition of Ukrainian song "Student’s Autumn", contests "Miss IAPM" and "Mister IAPM", festival of art "Artpalitra", etc.);
  • continuous interest of large international consulting companies, financial institutions, banking and insurance institutions, multinationals, government agencies for IIEF graduates;
  • • opportunity to make research activities (there is the specialized academic council K 26.142.03 with the right to conduct defense of thesis for the degree of Doctor (Сandidate) of Economics in specialty 08.00.04 "Economics and management of enterprises".

The structure includes five IIEF departments.

Teaching staff - highly qualified and experienced specialists. Educational process is properly equipped with relevant methodological developments and aids. Students are trained with programs that meet modern international standards. For teaching somesubjects practical business representatives, managers and leading specialists of the best companies are involved. Students are given the opportunity to master modern information technologies. In addition to traditional forms of education, methods of active learning are widely used: implementation of simulation exercises; analysis of specific situations that arise in work practice of economists in various fields; organization of role plays and business games, tests, etc. Also software systems are used to solve common problems of economic activity. Passage of production and pre-diploma practice is taking place in financial organizations, banking and insurance institutions, enterprises, and international companies in various state structures.

Characteristics of learning areas
  • Finance and Credit

    "Finance and Credit" is one of the main specialties of economic direction. Specialty program is aimed at training of qualified professionals for the financial system, which should objectively assess the economic processes taking place in society, understand the nature of financial relations trends and their characteristics in public finance, international finance and finance business units, develop and address issues of the financial system.

    The main objective of the specialty is training of highly qualified personnel of higher and middle management level for enterprises of all forms of ownership.

    Preparation of professionals in the specialty "Finance and credit" has a broad interdisciplinary profile that allows professional activities in various spheres of economy and public finance management. Students who graduated from college with a degree in "Finance and Credit", receive the necessary knowledge and practical skills.

    Where graduates can work

    Specialists of this field are prepared for the economic, organizational, managerial, analytical work, auditing and research;

    • in the area of public finance;
    • innational institutions and commercial banks;
    • at the level of enterprises and associations of different industries of Ukraine;
    • ininsurance companies;
    • ininvestment companies and funds;
    • in brokerage houses;
    • infinancial administration services;
    • in research institutions, etc.
    Graduates may hold positions:
    • CFO of the company;
    • Chief ofFinancial management;
    • Head of Financial department;
    • Senior programm officer (department, management),etc.
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  • Accounting and Auditing

    Accounting is the basis of information system management. Work of enterprises and organizations of different sectors and forms of ownership would be impossible without it. No wonder why accounting is called "the language of business".

    Learning on specialty "Accounting and Auditing" provides a unique opportunity to get modern education that reveals secrets of creation of economic information, combines multifaceted knowledge of financier and economist, analyst and auditor, manager and researcher. Such knowledge is necessary for each manager and entrepreneur, for any educated person.

    Accountant, who is employed in enterprises of different sectors and forms of ownership, can provide headshipwith information, whuch is necessary for making decisions. He is involved in the analysis of the work, establishing priorities for the company, ensuring compliance with revenue and expenditure, formation of external and internal financial reporting.

    Accountant, who works as an independent expert, provides the following services: accounting and financial reporting, auditing, recovery accounting, taxation, preparation of tax reporting forms, management consulting, forensic accounting expertise.

    After receiving a degree in "Accounting and Auditing", you will become a professional in the fields of:
    • Accounting as an information model of economic entity, its industrial, economic and financial activities;
    • Analysis and forecasting of financial and economic situation;
    • Planning, control and minimization of tax;
    • Using of accounting information for making management decisions either prospective or current character
    Where graduates can work

    Specialist in accounting and auditing can work at enterprises of different ownership forms on posts: finance director, chief accountant, accountant-auditor, head of the firm of auditors, economist, forensic accounting expert, tax inspector, financial analyst, consultant on crisis issues, a specialist in investment management, accounting expert in insurance companies, banks, government social security funds, expert on accounting issues in tax administration and tax police, head of small businesses.

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  • Marketing

    Marketing — a human activity, which aims to meet the needs through exchange, it is the philosophy of modern business, the most important tool of market economy. Marketing - an applied research area, which task is development of pricing, promotion and distribution.

    Marketing specialists on primary positions have to perform diagnostic and retrieval tasks, to make economic calculations, to collect, organize and accumulate primary information forcarrying out assigned tasks and also for the needs of the branch where he will work. The modern economy in Ukraine is the market economy. Therefore, firms, enterprises and organizations increasingly need skilled specialists in modern market activities. Expertsstate: "Marketer is a specialist of the XXI century".

    The main components of marketing activities:
    • Conductingmarket researches;
    • Development of product range;
    • Development of the brand (trademark) and management (branding);
    • Development of the pricing policy of the company;
    • Organization of marketing and product promotion;
    • Conducting advertising;
    • Formation of image of the enterprise, the establishment of public relations.
    Where graduates can work

    In the world practice, marketing education is most suitable for managerial career. The higher management position, the more important marketing knowledge. Lots of enterprises have special marketing departments, whereour graduates can hold the following positions: director of marketing, brand manager, specialist in market research, specialist in logistics and inventory pricing, expert in analysis and planning of marketing activities, advertising expert, PR-manager, etc.

    Sector of specialized companies is developing now-advertising agencies, PR-campaign organizers, consulting firms, etc. This corresponds to the general trends of economic development. So, economy needs marketers - today and in the future.

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Scientific school of the Holy Grand Duchess Olga Educational and Scientific Institute of International Economics and Finance

Head - Head of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, Doctor of Economics, Professor Zakhozhay Valery Borisovich.

Qualification card of the Scientific School

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