Day of embroidery in IAPM

18 May 2017 20:05

On the occasion of the Day of embroidery, which is celebrated in Ukraine every third Thursday of May, the Academy held an action "Put on embroidery at IAPM." Students, teachers and workers came to this day in embroidered shirts to join the celebration with the whole of Ukraine.

May 18, the Academy was full of white and black embroideries with various ornaments. People in national clothes could be met at lectures, in the library, and at conferences. Patterns of each shirt differed from Hutsul cornflowers and Lemkovskie crosses and asterisks to Volyn cymbals and curls. You could also see the richness of embroidery techniques of different regions of Ukraine: lowland, cross, embroidery by a bait, decking, tops, grain withdrawal, carving; Types of black, white and colored nets.

According to the organizers of the action "Put embroidery in IAPM" its main goal is to preserve Ukrainian values, express its national and civic position, promote cultural education and enrich the spiritual consciousness of young people.

 «Since ancient times, embroidery has been an important attribute in the life of every Ukrainian. She was decorated almost everything: clothes, tablecloths, towels, pillowcases, sheets. But the patterns on embroideries were and are not only decorations, but also some amulets, a certain protection against all evil and disease. In our family there was a tradition to wear embroideries for the holidays. Therefore, in my family album there are a lot of black and white photos, on which everyone is dressed in embroidered robes. I believe that the tradition of wearing embroideries should be revived among young people. And that's why today not only students but also teachers and management came to the Academy in embroideries,"- said Valentina Slisarenko, the head of the department of after-hours work of the IAPM.


The idea of ​​the action "World Embroidering Day" in 2006 was offered by the student of the faculty of history, political science and international relations of the Chernovtsy National University named after Yury Fedkovych Lesya Voronyuk. A push to implement the idea and celebration was embroidered by Igor Zhitaryuk, which he regularly put on pairs, like many other students. Lesya invited classmates and students to choose one day and put on embroideries all together. First embroideries were dressed by several dozen students and several faculty teachers. And already during the following years the holiday grew to the all-Ukrainian level, the Ukrainian diaspora around the world began to join it, as well as the supporters of Ukraine.

Olga Korobiy

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