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A roundtable dedicated to the International Human Rights Day was held at the Chernigov Institute IAPM

06 December 2017 14:29

December 6, 2017 in the premises of Chernigov Institute IAPM a scientific and theoretical round table devoted to the International Human Rights Day was held.

The round table was attended by teachers of disciplines and students of the Institute. Head of the department "Jurisprudence" Ph.D., associate professor Voytsehovsky M.M. opened the event and invited students to speak and further discussion. The leading scientific problem of the debate was the coverage of a single international system for the protection of human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, its principles and those who made a significant contribution to the protection of human rights and freedoms. Also, the participants of the event touched upon the issues of human rights in Ukraine.

Reports should be an actual aspect, as a large number of our citizens are still not provided with minimal rights. Everyone has the right to life, personal inviolability, equality before the law, the right to work and fair compensation for it, which would ensure conditions of life that are worthy of man and his family, protection from unemployment, a satisfactory standard of living, non-interference in personal and family life, inviolability dwelling, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, a fair and impartial court.


Chernigivsky Institute of the IAPM

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