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The Academy hosted a final meeting of the Report's Scientific and Practical Conference of Scientists

04 December 2017 14:42

On November 30, the Academy hosted a final meeting of the IAPM Scientific Practical Conference of Scientists "Social Practice and the Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of Modernization of Ukraine (political, legal, economic and psychological problems)", which discussed the results of the Academy's work in the field of science for the current year and the further perspectives. development of scientific research in the priority directions.

At a conference under the chairmanship of the Vice-Rector for Scientific and Educational Work of the IAPM, Doctor of Political Science, Professor MF Golovaty, the Deputy Director of the Educational-Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences, candidate of pedagogical sciences, assistant professor N.V. Grabovenko; Director of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management, Economics and Finance, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor O.L. Feshchenko; Deputy Director of the Educational and Research Institute of Law named after. Prince Volodymyr the Great, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor O.V. Ivanenko is another scholar of the Academy. The speakers shared detailed information on scientific achievements for 2017, made public further plans for scientific work and discussed a number of important issues, including the development of scientific publications of the Academy, activization of publications in international editions, introduction of a general academic system for verifying academic integrity in scientific publications and dissertations, etc.

Director of the Center for the Organization of Scientific Work and Innovations in the Educational Process, Doctor of Historical Sciences VM Voronin stated in his report "The scientific and educational potential of IAPM in the context of integration into the world and European scientific space" that the scientific work of the Academy is at a high level, is competitive among the most authoritative universities of the world and has significant potential for further development.


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