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The conference "Science in the 21st Century: Prospects for Development and Priority Research Areas" was held at the Odessa Institute of IAPM

18 May 2017 12:47

May 17, 2017 in the Odessa Institute of MAUP was held Interuniversity scientific and practical conference on "Science in the XXI century: development prospects and priority areas of research" to the Day of Science of Ukraine (May 20, 2017). With a salutatory word to the participants asked. about. Director of the IIP MAUP, Professor MCA Karakasidi AF, who congratulated participants on the Day of Science and presented certificates to members of student scientific clubs on active scientific activity.

The main report on the topic "Application of the project-oriented approach in the management of innovative activities of educational institutions" was made by the Deputy Director for Academic and Scientific-Methodological Work of the MAI Ph.D. Kramskoy S. A. The results of research on the current mechanisms of the functioning of Ukrainian-Polish relations in the field of science and education were presented by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Marketing Department of the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture Zakharchenko A.V., Associate Professor of the Department of Management, Finance and Administration of the IUP MAIP Onishchenko N. V., and master Zakharchenko M. Yu., who just returned from Poland, where they participated in the International Scientific Forum.

Head of the Department of General Scientific Disciplines, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department, Associate Professor of Odessa National Maritime University, practical psychologist Sadova M. A., Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines of the IAP MAUP, Associate Professor of the International Academy of Culture of the Russian Federation Zolotareva O. A., presented the results of the study of the features of the potential for analyzed the ways of development of Ukrainian jurisprudence.

Senior Researcher of the Odessa Museum of History and Local Lore, Associate Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines of the MAUP MAI Bogan S.M. told fragments from the history of the Odessa police in 1917 based on scientific research correspondence of the Odessa Council of Workers' Deputies, dedicating his research to the 100th anniversary of the Ukrainian National Revolution.

Members of student scientific clubs Negrul Svetlana, Shataylo Yaroslav and Makhonina Margarita presented the results of their research in the field of law and marketing. In particular, the chairman of the "Themis" Club Svetlana Negrul is occupied with the problems of the development of the legal institution of employment of the population, she conducted a survey of residents of the village of Puzhaykovo in the Balt district of the Odessa region, and is currently preparing materials for the Baltsky District Department of the State Employment Service.

International participation in the conference took place in the mode of a video conference prepared by the head of the Center for International Cooperation of the IAP MAIP Ph.D. Stadnik A. I., who was the lead and translator in this part of the conference.

On video communication Martin Badakva, representative of the youth scientific and sports public association of Lochstadt (Germany), spoke about his Ukrainian ancestors, about the interest of the German youth of Ukraine in connection with the Association Agreement with the EU and offered constant cooperation and travel Students of the OI to Germany.

Professor, Senior Researcher, Department of Natural Science, Faculty of Marine Engineering and Natural Sciences, Klaipeda University (Lithuania), expert of the European Commission for Environmental Protection Olga Anne, I. I. Mechnikova, spoke about the development of innovative technologies in the environmental field, the directions of scientific research on biotechnology, the aging of the European population, oil refining, marine engineering for modern marine terminals, and the safety of fuel resources. A. Ann said that many graduates of the Odessa Maritime Academy and the Maritime University work in Klaipeda, focused on the new opportunities for academic mobility of teachers and students in a visa-free regime for Ukraine.

Olesya Lelental, an employee of the international relations department of the University of Higher Education and Business Administration (Gdynia, Poland), spoke in a video link about the faculties of the Higher School, training in the School of Ukrainian students and the possibility of training and practice in Poland by students of the Odessa Institute, taking into account granting Ukraine a visa-free regime. The Higher School of Administration and Business participates in the Erasmus program to recruit foreign students for training or practice in Poland. The students of the Gdynia Graduate School congratulated the students of the Odessa Institute of IAPM and offered constant cooperation.

With the closing speech at the conference, the deputy director for educational and scientific-methodical work of the MAI MAI Ph.D. Kramskoy SA and presented certificates to the participants of the conference.

The conference was attended by teachers of OI and other universities in Odessa and students of full-time and part-time forms of education. The participants expressed their satisfaction with the results of the conference thanking the OI International Cooperation Center and suggested that the regime of scientific videoconferences be used in the future.

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