If you are at least 14 and not yet 18!

If you need to improve the basic skills and qualities of character that are important for your age!

If you wish to increase your potential!

If you need to develop communication skills, independence and confidence!

Visit Interregional Academy of Personnel Management!

Everyone can take part in necessary education! 

You can choose from the following training programs:

Training in skills of planning and self-organization "Time management"

Organization and ability to allocate time to make all the things, not to be late, ability to appreciate your own and others' time, ability to set goals and achieve them are required skills in any profession. Every successful person has these skills. Want to get them too? Then this training is for you! 

Training "Attention is power"

It is for teens, who wish to increase their attention, to develop the ability to focus and better assimilate the information and be able to reallocate their attention effectively, to improve their academic performance and other areas of life, as well as learning new and interesting information about yourself and your capabilities. This training is necessary for those who are willing to develop your self-control, work with attention, who wants to develop the ability to switch quickly and to concentrate, to work effectively with information, master the techniques of self-organization. And for those who want to learn how to fight with laziness. 

Educational communication training “Passing the exam”

For those who should take any exams, for students of 9 - 11 grades. For those who are afraid to answer at the blackboard or very worried about examinations and test. This program is useful for everyone who wants to go out with dignity from difficult life situations. For those who wish to master methods that start acting in 20 seconds after application. 

Educational communication workshop - "Freedom of communication"

If you planning to work with people in the future (teachers, journalists, managers and so on), want to increase effectiveness of skills in communication and interaction with other people, want to learn how to apply psychological techniques and develop communication skills, to learn how to understand other people, to become more free and confident in different situations, then, this workshop is for you!

The schedule of the trainings and their cost:
NameDateAmount of hoursPrice
Attention is power

7.02.2015 since 10.00 to 18.00

8 250 UAH
Passing the exam

14.02.2015 since 10.00 to 18.00

8 250 UAH
Freedom of communication

21.02.2015 since 10.00 to 18.00

8 250 UAH
Time management 28.02. and 1.03.2015. since 10.00 to 19.00 18 450 UAH

Additional information and registration phone number:

098 - 436- 65-76 Natalia

067-717-59-04 Irina

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