Center of psychological diagnostics and counseling


Career guidance for pupils and parents, alumni and students (13-18 years old) 
  • Choice of profession and further professional development
  • Self-knowledge: identifying interests, abilities and personal characteristics
  • Choice of fields of study at school
  • Preparation for external independent testing (EIT)
  • Choice of specialty and high (secondary) institution
  • Selection of activating and developing programs for further personal development

Testing is conducted with using a computer complex "Career counselor-UA", which was developed by testologists of Lomonosov MSU, adapted for Ukraine in 2012. You can pass test in Russian or Ukrainian languages. 


After passing the test, you get printed results that include:

  • Graphical profile of interests, abilities, personal qualities;
  • Chart that shows the direction of profile education;
  • List of modern professions that meet interests, abilities, personality, and overall (integral) list;
  • List of certificates of external independent testing (EIT);
  • Detailed textual interpretation of results for all test indicators;
  • Advice on the development and selection of training programs. 
Individual counseling

After passing the tests individual consultation is conducted. Testing and specialists’ consultation allow to combine interests, personal qualities, abilities of teenager with professional inclinations and to find the best options for professional orientation in chosen specialties and test results.  Specialist explains how to interpret the results in the printout, explains the meaning of indicators on scales of test parameters and coefficients of profile similarity of professions. Analysis of the results depends on the tasks. profile specialist can answer many questions after examination of result’s details: 

  • what professions do fit and why, based on the analysis of interests, abilities and personality;
  • what direction of profile education should one choose at school;
  • in which direction one should continue education.
  • in which universities can you receive an appropriate education and what the EIT exam you need to pass;
  • how to choose between school or college;
  • how to correct  revealed weaknesses of character in the test;
  • how to develop "running" sphere of intellect;
  • in which educational trainings one is encouraged to participate. 

Test duration - 1:00

Duration of individual consultation - 1:00

Requests for testing may be submitted by parent committees and school authorities.


(098) 436-65-76 (Natalia Revutskaya)

(067) 717-59-04 (Irina Zubenko)

Selection committee of IAPM: (044) 490-95-05

Kyiv, Suvorova str., 2

e-mail: [email protected]

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