Center of practice organization, employment of students and graduates

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management is the largest private higher educational Institution of Ukraine (about 45 thousand students from 32 countries), which trains specialists in different specialties. In 30 years the Academy has trained thousands of qualified specialists: managers of production and business, managers, financiers, marketers, sociologists, psychologists, lawyers. Academy graduates work in the areas of public and private activities, business, industry, science and education. Many of them have achieved great professional success; they became prominent leaders of community and highly skilled professionals, defended candidate and doctoral dissertations. 

In September 2006 Center of organization of practice and employment of students and graduates was created at the Academy. The Centre is guided by current legislation of Ukraine, according to its specific activity, Charter of the Academy, decisions of the Supervisory Board, regulations, orders and decrees of the leadership of Academy. 

The main goal of the Center is creation of favorable conditions for further development of cooperation between the Academy, graduates and students, solving the problem of employment of graduates and students of IAPM, passage of pre-production and practical training in the leading institutions of Kyiv. 

According to its professional duties, Centre organizes practices for students from Presidential university of all forms of education and faculty of postgraduate education at IAPM, contributes to employment of students and graduates of the Academy, and establishes feedback from graduates of the Academy. 

The center provides educational departments of Presidential University with bases for passage of practices, provided with all documents for organization practices of educational units of PU; organizes the contracting of civil law with enterprises, institutions and organizations for internships by students of the Academy and future employment, informs educational units of PU about about schedules of practical training and necessary documentation.

  • List of practices bases

    Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

    Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine

    Holosiivska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Dniprovska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Sviatoshynska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Desnyanska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Pecherska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Obolonska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Shevchenko District State Administration in Kyiv

    Podilska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Darnytska District State Administration in Kyiv

    Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine

    PJSC "Fidobank"

    Main Territorial Department of Justice in Kyiv

    Economics and Law College of IAPM

    Desnianskiy Economics and Law College of IAPM

    PE "De-Jure Consulting»

    IC «Retail-Insurance"

    IC "Oriana"

    Svyatoshyn district Department of Justice of Kyiv

    LLC "Autsoursing company"SOVA"

    PJSC "Bank Vieste"

    Center of social services for family, children and youth in Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv

    TMO "Psychiatry"

    Drahomanov Institute of Sociology, Psychology and Social Communications NPU

    Center of social services for family, children and youth in Pechersk district of Kyiv

    Drahomanov Institute of Social Work and Management NPU

    Regional Kyiv city organization of the political party "Civil Position"

    All-Ukrainian Political party, Association "Hromada"

    LLC "Mansana" (travel agency)

    PE "International Marketing Group of Ukraine"

    NGO "Association of Ukrainian monitors of observance of human rights in activity of law enforcement authorities"

    Children's Clinical Hospital №9

    JSC "Independent Kyiv advocacy group"

    Attorneys' Association "Koval & partners"

    National Service of Mediation and Reconciliation

    The service for children and families of Kyiv regional state administration

    The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine

    All-Ukrainian public youth organization "Union of young political scientists of Ukraine"

    CNR "Center of the primary health care №2» in Solomenskiy district of Kyiv

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In addition, the Center provides consultation for supervisors of practice from institutions, organizations and representatives of All-Ukrainian University and International Open University. 

In the Сenter, counselling of applicants, students and graduates of the Academy on employment and internship opportunities is held. Thanks to the database of students and graduates of IAPM, the Center conducts search and selection of candidates among students and graduates of the Academy for a timely replacement of vacancies in the Academy. In addition, the Academy provides ongoing cooperation with organizations and institutions with the aim of creating new jobs for the graduates of IAPM and organization of students practice. 

The Center regularly provides and supervises the passage of practical training of students of the teaching departments, and is engaged in clearance of paperwork after practice, required for payroll to the supervisor of practice from the enterprise.

 In addition, Centers employees develop, establish and maintain contacts with potential employers for the further employment of students and graduates of the Academy, support and replenish the database of practice places in enterprises led by graduates of IAPM. 

The Center is actively working on attraction graduates to continue their studies in postgraduate and doctoral of the Academy and participation in the general academic events, seminars, conferences, round tables, lectures with the aim to improve the general educational level. 

The center has its own WEB page in the Internet for continuous and timely informing of IAPM graduates, which provides graduates of the Academy with discount cards. 

Diploma of higher education is only the first step towards a professional career. Searching jobs that would satisfy the graduate is not so easy; also, the expectations of employers are different. The place where interests of graduates, job seekers and employers seeking workers intersect, is the Center of organization practices, employment of students and graduates. 

Fair of vacancies in IAPM takes an important place in employment of students and graduates, because there they can find organizations that participate in the fair, can view submitted vacancies, find a job in their field. Also students and graduates can leave a resume, fill forms for further cooperation with organizations. 

The Center aims to give an answer to the existing problem of employment of IAPM graduates, young qualified specialists who are able to work productively in modern conditions and to meet the needs of the newly formed structures in public and private sector. 

Many graduates ask: "What qualities should have a graduate to be universal or specialize in a certain field?" This question has no definite answer. The labour market needs ones in both categories. But without a doubt, the most important things are: good education, knowledge of foreign languages and experience. So, students pass the practices that makes possible to apply theoretical knowledge in practice, and will help in the job search in the future.

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