291 International relations, public communications and regional studies

Field of knowledge: 29 International relations

Major: 291 International relations, public communications and regional studies

Levels of higher education: Bachelor's/Master's

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Educational and Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences

The teaching staff of the Department of International Relations and Tourism Organization has a high scientific and theoretical level (four doctors of science) and extensive practical experience.

Recruitment of higher education applicants to the second (master's) level is carried out on the basis of the first (bachelor's) level of education in related specialties, as well as with basic higher education in unrelated fields of knowledge (specialties).

Educational and professional program:

  • International relations, public communications and regional studies

Teaching of professional disciplines is carried out using modern multimedia technologies. The student research studio "Actual problems of international relations" functions at the department. Meetings of higher education graduates with Ukrainian diplomats are held regularly. Industrial and pre-diploma internships for students in the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, ministries and agencies, local authorities, representative offices of multinational companies, etc. are organized.

In the process of study, students master disciplines from the cycles of social and humanitarian training:  "History of Ukraine", "Ukrainian language", "Philosophy", "Foreign policy of Ukraine", "Political science", "Diplomatic protocol and etiquette", "Theory of the state and law". , "Comparative constitutional law", "World economy", "Information and analytical activity in international relations";

natural, scientific and general economic training: "International relations and world politics", "International public law", "International private law", "International economic relations", "International information", "Modern information systems and technologies", "Theory of international relations ", "Physical Geography of the World", "Political Geography of the World", "Economic Geography of the World", "Political History of the World", "Economic History of the World", "Life Safety";

professional training : "Foreign language", "Introduction to the specialty "Local studies", "World civilizations", "Geopolitical and geoeconomic interests in world politics", "Foreign language specialty", "Theory and practice of translation", "International organizations", " Basics of international tourism".

Significant attention is paid to the practical orientation of students' education. To a large extent, this is facilitated by the students, starting from the 1st year, of educational, translation, production and research practice.

The basic facilities for  student practice are:

  • Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine,
  • diplomatic missions of foreign countries in Ukraine,  
  • business and cultural international organizations, etc.

Employment prospects by profession:

  • in the central bodies and institutions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;
  • in diplomatic missions (attache, referent, diplomatic agent, diplomatic courier, secretary of a diplomatic agency);
  • in state institutions, enterprises (state administrations, international departments of branch ministries);
  • in private structures that carry out activities in the field of international relations (international departments of law firms, expert advisory groups);
  • in international advisory bodies;
  • in public organizations with foreign capital;
  • travel agencies.

Non-audit activities:

Scientific circles and studios, participation in All-Ukrainian and International competitions, participation in artistic and creative teams, sports sections.

Curriculum (1.6)

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