Fields of Study

The Academy prepares highly qualified specialists in the following fields of knowledge:

    01 Education/Pedagogy

    015 Professional education (specialization in "Law")

    02 Culture and art

    022 Design (with specializations "Graphic Design" and "Web Design")

    03 Humanities

    035 Philology (according to specialization "035.041 - Germanic languages ​​and literatures" (including translation) first - English)

    05 Social and behavioral sciences

    051 Economy

    053 Psychology

    06 Journalism

    061 Journalism

    07 Management and administration

    071 Accounting and taxation (specialization "Economic security and financial investigations" )

    072 Finance, banking, insurance and stock market

    073 Management

    075 Marketing

    08 Law

    081 Law

    12 Information technologies

    121 Software engineering

    122 Computer science

    125 Cyber ​​security and information protection

    22 Health care

    226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy

    221 Dentistry

    225 Medical psychology

    24 Scope of service

    242 Tourism and recreation

    25 Military sciences, national security, security of the state border

    256 National security

    26 Civil security

    262 Law enforcement activity

    28 Public management and administration

    281 Public management and administration

    29 International relations

    291 International relations, public communications and regional studies

If you are in the temporarily occupied territory, you can familiarize yourself with the rules for admission to the ZVO by following the link 

All  Ukrainian students and entrants who are now  abroad now  have the opportunity to continue their studies  remotely or by correspondence  in the Polish higher education institution in the Ukrainian language . Even without the need to transfer from your native ZVO! Read more about the program here: 

Also,  being in Ukraine , you can currently  get  a double ( Polish and Ukrainian , both state-type)  diploma  thanks to the program at the link:

The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management always relies on innovative solutions, so we have created a convenient portal for  online  admission to higher education institutions for any form of education, with or without higher education certificates.

In order to get a higher education at MAUP, you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the site . 

  2. Get acquainted with the current copy of the contract regarding the desired level of education

  3. If you agree with the conditions set forth in the contract, fill out and send us  an application for admission . It will be necessary to specify certain personal information: passport data, identification code, contact information, data on your previous education. At this stage, you choose your future specialty and unit of MAUP, as well as find out the cost of education.

  4. After we process your application, you will receive an email with its confirmation. Confirm your intention to take part in the entrance tests within 5 days by sending the corresponding "Letter-Answer".

  5. Make an advance payment within 5 days using the details specified in the application confirmation and receive a 20% discount on training.

  6. Successfully pass the entrance exams.

  7. Make the first tuition payment if the prepayment is not enough to make the payment.

  8. Congratulations!  You have become a student!

Correspondence and distance learning  at the bachelor's and master's level at MAUP will allow you to combine education with personal life, work and hobbies. After successfully completing your studies, you will receive a Ukrainian bachelor's or master's degree. 

In addition, MAUP provides the opportunity to pay for tuition at any time convenient for you up to the first session, and a 20% discount is provided for any amount of advance payment made within seven days

You can take advantage of the 20% discount on quality European education only until April 27.  There is no need to drive or go to the Open Day - for your safety and comfort, we have translated all admission procedures into a convenient online format. 

Go  to the site , fill out an application for admission, get a discount, learn and build your successful future!

Please, if you have any difficulties or questions, contact the MAUP Admissions Committee. We will provide you with the necessary assistance and advice.

Phone number of the admissions committee: 

(093) 490-490-0 (Viber, WhatsApp),
(096) 490-490-0

Discover yourself in MAUP!

The cost of studying at MAUP

For detailed information, contact the admissions committee:

(093) 490-490-0 (Viber, WhatsApp),
(096) 490-490-0
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