Yurzhenko Anastasia Vladimirovna

Yurzhenko Anastasia Vladimirovna – Associate Professor of Dentistry, Candidate of Medical Sciences, dentist-therapist

 Associate Professor of Dentistry IAPM

Scientific and pedagogical activity: 5 years

Scientific degree: Candidate of Medical Sciences


She graduated from O. Bogomolets NMU in 2001, Faculty of Dentistry.

She graduated with a master's degree in 2002, O. Bogomolets National Medical University, Faculty of Dentistry.

Experience of other (non-scientific and pedagogical) work: doctor - dentist-therapist, 18 years of medical experience.

Advanced training for the last 5 years – a doctor of the highest category in the specialty "Therapeutic Dentistry", specialization "Organization and management of health care".

Developments and patents: Patent 38351 Ukraine "Method for evaluating the effectiveness of treatment of generalized periodontitis" // publ. 12.01.09, Bull. N1.

Patent 38352 Ukraine "Method for correction of periodontal peroxidation processes" // publ. 12.01.09, Bull. N1

Patent 16158 of Ukraine "Method for assessing disorders of lipid metabolism in the oral fluid of patients with generalized periodontitis" // publ. 17.07.06, Bull. N7.

The most important publications for the last 5 years

  1.  A. Yurzhenko., Kostenko E.Ya. Long-term effect of small doses of ionizing radiation on the lipid complex of erythrocyte membranes // Visnyk of Uzhhorod National University - 2019 - №4 - P. 15-18.
  2. A. Potapchuk, E. Onipko, M. Sabov, V. Almashi, A.Yurzhenko, M. Stetsik. Biomarkers in the diagnosis of periodontal disease // Clinical Dentistry- 2019- No 2- P.19-25.
  3. Stetsyk MO, Kostenko E.Ya., Yurzhenko AV. Radiation as a physical phenomenon: nature, laws of action, influence, consequences (literature review) // Intermedical Journal - 2019. -1 (13) - P. 54-57.c
  4. A. Yurzhenko. The effect of corargin on the oral microflora of patients with generalized periodontitis // Bulletin of scientific research. - 2016. - #2 - P. 57-58.
  5. A. Yurzhenko. The results of a comprehensive analysis of the dental status of the population aged 50-60 years, who permanently live in a radiation-contaminated area // [Modern problems of orthopedic dentistry] scientific practice. conference with international participation - (Kharkiv, December 6-7, 2019).

Information confirming proficiency in the language of instruction at the appropriate level: level of proficiency in English B2, Aptis, British Council certificate.

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