Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences



Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences has in its structure:

  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Department of General Medical Disciplines
  • Department of Medical Psychology

Unified state qualification exam and licensed integrated exam in 2021

Regulations on the procedure for conducting a single state qualifying examination

Training of specialists at the Institute is carried out by scientific and pedagogical workers in the following specialties:




Educational program

Department of Dentistry

22 "Health care"

221 "Dentistry"


Professional qualification: dentist

Department of Medical Psychology

22 "Health care"

225 "Medical Psychology"

«Medical psychology»

Department of General and Clinical Pharmacy

22 «Health care»

226 «Pharmacy. Industrial Pharmacy»


Department of General Medical Disciplines

Not a graduation

Council of employers of the institute

Student council of the institute

Methodical council of the institute

The teaching staff of the departments today is a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team, capable of carrying out high-quality training of higher education students and providing educational and research work at the modern level. Students have the opportunity to communicate with experienced teachers, well-known scientists.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the departments is a guarantee of a decent professional level and demand for our graduates in the labor market.

Departments of the Institute pay important attention to the study of disciplines of innovative nature, aimed at increasing the level of competence and motivation of students to study, self-determination and self-improvement. All this contributes to improving the efficiency and quality of training.

Teachers of the institute's departments improve their qualification in the form of internships and studies in domestic and foreign higher education institutions; use in the educational process modern forms and methods of interactive learning (trainings, business and role-playing games, discussions, round tables, etc.), which promotes the activation of independent mental activity of future professionals, the formation of organizational and communicative abilities, competencies and skills. Modern technical means, innovative and computer technologies are also used in the educational process.

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