Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Address: 03039, Kyiv, str. Frometivska, 2 building No. 4.

phone: (044) 490-95-11, 490-95-26

e-mail: [email protected]

The Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences started its activities in the market of educational services in 2019. However, the history of the Institute dates back to 2017, when the Faculty of Pharmacy was established on the basis of the Institute of Management and Health Care of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management and the training of specialists in the field of knowledge 22 Health care, specialty 226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy was started.


MISSION: promotion of health development of Ukrainian society; implementation of training of qualified and competitive specialists in the field of health care based on a competency-based approach, taking into account the requirements of stakeholders of national and international markets; development of scientific potential with the use of innovative technologies and scientific research in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors of the economy of Ukraine and the European space; formation of image and reputation in the markets of educational services and labor.


VISION: an educational institution with innovative approaches in the educational and scientific space and values ​​transmitted from generation to generation.



IMFN focuses its activities on the formation of value orientations of the individual; respects human dignity, cares about the person, forms a system of value orientations of the individual; promotes the acquisition of professional competence, development and implementation of professionalism; ensures the realization of social expectations of the individual.


In its activities, IMFN adheres to the principles, values ​​and norms of humanism; creates an atmosphere of goodwill and cooperation between top management, teachers, students, practitioners and citizens. The concept of humanism is aimed at respecting the dignity of every individual/person and his right to freedom in development, improvement, critical thinking, etc.


The activity of IMFN is focused on professionalism and innovation, formation of a consolidated team of professionals to implement the mission and strategic tasks of the Institute, training of successful specialists who will strive for professional improvement.

Quality of education

In its activities, IMFN applies a comprehensive approach to the quality of education; characteristics and criteria for improving the quality of the educational process are determined on a permanent basis, which are the basis for the formation of the professional competence of those seeking education.

Social responsibility


IMFN helps all subjects of the educational process to observe social norms in every possible way; conducts comprehensive measures aimed at harmonizing interpersonal relations, and fosters a responsible, mature approach to issues of personal relationships and modern society.


IMFN declares the fundamental principles of professional ethics and deontology based on moral obligations and values.


All participants in the educational and scientific process of IMFN in their activities adhere to academic integrity, ethical principles and rules during training, teaching and carrying out scientific activities in order to ensure trust in the results of training and/or scientific achievements.



Today, the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management is a leader in the field of non-state education in Ukraine, which includes the IMFN. The institute creates comprehensive conditions for the development of leadership qualities in students of higher education and teaching staff.

Healthy Lifestyle

IMFN trains specialists for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors of the economy of Ukraine; provides an opportunity for students to acquire knowledge and skills of a healthy lifestyle; pays significant attention to measures that promote health; forms the basis for the development and growth of the health of the country's population.



Director of the Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences - Nataliya Kostyantynivna Sviridova .

Qualification:  doctor of medical sciences, professor; higher qualification category in the specialty "neurology" and higher qualification category in the specialty "reflexotherapy". Head of the public organization "All-Ukrainian Association for Neurology and Reflexology"; editor-in-chief of the scientific and practical journal "Eastern European Neurological Journal"; member of the editorial board of scientific and practical journals: "Arterial hypertension", "Treatment case", "East European journal of Parkinson's disease and extrapyramidal diseases".


The training of specialists at the Institute is carried out  by scientific and pedagogical workers in the following specialties of the field of knowledge 22 Health care:


Educational program, specialization

Level of higher education

Forms of obtaining education


221 Dentistry


Second (master's) level

Institutional (full-time

225 Medical psychology

Medical psychology

Second (master's) level

Institutional (full-time

226 Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy


Specialization 226.1 Pharmacy

First (bachelor) level

Institutional (full-time (full-time), part-time


The teaching staff of the Institute of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences is a highly qualified scientific-pedagogical team capable of providing high-quality training for higher education applicants and providing modern educational, methodological and research work. Students of higher education have the opportunity to communicate with experienced teachers, famous scientists, and practitioners.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Institute is a guarantee of a decent professional level and the demand of our graduates in the labor market.

Departments of the Institute pay important attention to the study of disciplines of an innovative nature, aimed at increasing the level of competence and motivation of education seekers to study, self-determination and self-improvement. All this helps to increase the efficiency and quality of education.


Teachers of the institute's departments improve their qualifications in the form of internships and studies in domestic and foreign institutions of higher education; modern forms and methods of interactive learning (training, business and role-playing games, discussions, round tables, etc.) are used in the educational process, which contributes to the activation of the independent mental activity of future specialists, the formation of their professional competences, organizational, leadership and communication skills. Modern technical means, innovative and computer technologies are also used in the educational process.

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