Faculty of Dentistry

(building 3 IAPM)

The Faculty of Dentistry was established and began operating in April 2019. It is a structural subdivision of the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences of IAPM.

The Faculty of Dentistry trains specialists in the specialty "Dentistry".

Head of the Faculty of Dentistry (Dean) Doctor of Medical Sciences, associate professor Savchuk Oleg Vladimirovich.

In 1996 he graduated from the O. Bogomolets National Medical University and obtained higher education in "Dentistry" (diploma LK BE №004123 from June 28, 1996, registration number №137).

In 1998 he completed an internship in "Orthopedic Dentistry"; in 2000 – clinical residency at P.L. Shupik NMAPE.

Candidate of Medical Sciences since 2005. He defended his dissertation on "Prevention of pathological changes in the tissues of the prosthetic bed with the use of fixed structures of dentures" on March 10, 2005 in the specialized scientific council K. 26.613.09 at the Kyiv P.L. Shupyk Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, specialty 14.01.22 - Dentistry. Diploma of the Candidate of Medical Sciences - SC №029697 dated June 8, 2005, protocol №25-09 / 5.

He received the title of associate professor of dentistry in March 2012 (certificate 12DC №031198 from March 29, 2012).

Doctor of Medical Sciences since 2019. The dissertation on the topic "Comprehensive medical and social substantiation of the restructuring of the municipal system of dental care with the involvement of modern clinical innovative technologies and management." Defended on June 7, 2019 in the specialized scientific council D. 61.051.08 at the State Higher Educational Institution "Uzhgorod National University" of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, specialty 14.01.22 - dentistry and 14.02.03 - social medicine. Diploma of Doctor of Medical Sciences DD №008967 dated October 15, 2019.

Professor of the Department of Dentistry from April 5, 2019 to the present.

The training of future specialists of dentists in IAPM takes place in a separate building with an equipped phantom classroom and clinical classrooms, where practical skills on modern dental equipment are practiced and improved.

Ability to employ graduates. The specialist is prepared to work according to NACE DK 009: 2010: Section Q. Health care and social assistance

Chapter 86. Health

Group 86.2 Medicine and dental practice

Class 86.23 Dental practice

After graduating from the educational-professional program "Dentistry", the specialist is able to perform professional activity:

  • intern (CP code - 3229),
  • trainee doctor (CP code - 3221);

may enter postgraduate education programs (internship, residency), where training is carried out according to the educational training programs of a dentist.

After training in the internship, the residency specialist is assigned a qualification – a dentist, who is able to perform the professional work specified in DK 003: 2010 and can hold the appropriate medical position:

  • 2222.2 Dentist.

After completing the internship (residency) and qualification – dentist specialists can specialize and perform the relevant professional work of a dentist of a particular specialty, which is specified in the current National Classifier of Ukraine "Classifier of Professions", to hold the appropriate medical position.

List of branches of knowledge and specialties
Faculty of Dentistry

Branch of knowledge


Professional qualification

22 «Health»

221 «Dentistry»


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