Science and conferences


Science and conferences

Congratulations on receiving the academic title!
07 2018 16:09

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No

IAPM Students Discuss Topical Issues of Contemporary International Law
04 2018 15:49

Recently, a round table on the topic "Current issues of modern international law" took place on the basis of the Great Department of International Law and Comparative Law, Prince Volodymyr

Psychological Problems of Youth Were Discussed in IAPM
23 March 2018 16:05

Recently, the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists: "Psychological Problems of Youth in the Modern World" was held at the IAPM Educational-Scientific

The Historical Development of Corruption Were Discussed at the IAPM Conference
22 December 2017 12:35

On December 20, 2017, the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Anticorruption Activities in Ukraine: Achievements, Disadvantages, Perspectives" was held at the Educational and Research

In IAPM a round table "Professional Competences of the Future" was held
04 2017 15:11

April 28, at the initiative of the Department of Psychology in the Ukrainian-Azerbaijan Institute of Social Sciences and the self named after H. Aliyev IAPM, held a round table

IAPM held a conference "The European dimension of reform of the public administration in Ukraine"
28 November 2016 12:19

Organizers of the event are: IAPM, SO "Ukrainian Assembly of doctors in public administration," ICA, Confederation of private higher educational institutions of Ukraine

IAPM held a scientific-practical conference "Ukrainian State and the Church"
20 2016 14:13

Conference was opened by Vice-Rector for scientific and educational work of IAPM Mykola Holovaty

Conference "Youth in the modern world: the psychological problems» was held in IAPM
25 April 2016 11:58

В начале заседания выступил директор Украинско-Азербайджанского института социальных наук и самоуправления Иван Бидзюра

IAPM held an international scientific-practical conference "Legal state and democratic society: factors of development and interaction"
18 April 2016 11:47

Conference was opened by the Rector of IAPM, Doctor of Law, Professor Nikolai Kurko

Victory of the Danube branch of IAPM in the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition in legal sciences
05 2016 13:53

Student of the 2nd year of Danube branch of IAPM Christina Dermenzhi got a III degree diploma

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