Science and conferences


Science and conferences

IAPM held a conference "The European dimension of reform of the public administration in Ukraine"
28 November 2016 12:19

Organizers of the event are: IAPM, SO "Ukrainian Assembly of doctors in public administration," ICA, Confederation of private higher educational institutions of Ukraine

IAPM held a scientific-practical conference "Ukrainian State and the Church"
20 2016 14:13

Conference was opened by Vice-Rector for scientific and educational work of IAPM Mykola Holovaty

Conference "Youth in the modern world: the psychological problems» was held in IAPM
25 April 2016 11:58

В начале заседания выступил директор Украинско-Азербайджанского института социальных наук и самоуправления Иван Бидзюра

IAPM held an international scientific-practical conference "Legal state and democratic society: factors of development and interaction"
18 April 2016 11:47

Conference was opened by the Rector of IAPM, Doctor of Law, Professor Nikolai Kurko

Victory of the Danube branch of IAPM in the second round of the All-Ukrainian competition in legal sciences
05 2016 13:53

Student of the 2nd year of Danube branch of IAPM Christina Dermenzhi got a III degree diploma

Victory in the second round of the All-Ukrainian student research in political science
05 2016 11:02

Contest of student research in political science was held on March 17-18 at the Vasil Stefanik Carpathian National University

Conference "Public administration: challenges, threats and development of science branch" was held in IAPM
04 April 2016 12:23

В рамках конференции также прошли заседания круглого стола и дискуссионного клуба

In Institute of Advertising problems and prospects of development of marketing and design were discussed
25 2016 14:07

V Всеукраинская научно-практическая конференция «Проблемы и перспективы развития маркетинга, связей с общественностью и дизайна в условиях глобализации и развития украинского государства»

The Institute of Law held a conference "State regulation of business"
23 2016 13:57

The conference was held in the context of the overall research work of the Academy

The Academy held a roundtable "Ukrainian society: the contours of innovation"
16 March 2016 10:41

March 15 at the Institute of Social Sciences and Self-government a round table has passed

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