Regional news

"Ukraine in the Contemporary Geopolitical Space: The Look of Youth"
22 May 2019 08:30

The XVI All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference was held at the Khmelnytsky Institute

Students of the Odessa Institute took part in the All-Ukrainian Brain-ring "Connoisseurs of the Constitution"
21 2019 11:49

The All-Ukrainian Brain-Ring "Convict Constituents" finished in Odessa for the President's Cup of the Odessa Law Academy

Business Game at the Danubian Branch
20 2019 18:04

Business games are an effective method of practical training and are widely used by the teacher V. V. Shchokina as a means of forming the skills of legal interviewing and counseling

Conference "Science as a Driving Force for Effective State Development"
20 2019 11:40

International scientific and practical conference was held at the Odessa Institute

The Open Day took place at the Danubian branch
20 2019 11:23

It was attended by secondary school students from the Bolgrad, Renaissance and Izmail districts and the city of Izmail

Classes in the military department
18 2019 12:25

Students of the military department are taking a practical classes

Meeting with the priest of the Cathedral
17 2019 13:13

For students of the Danubian branch, a meeting with the priest of the Cathedral Father Pavel was organized

"Psychological Culture and Contemporary Leadership" at the Odessa Institute
17 2019 12:26

The training was held within the psychological service of the institute

The work of the student council is recognized as satisfying
17 2019 12:11

The Student Self-Government Reporting Board was held in the Danubian branch of IAPM

Eternal Ukrainian Amulets
16 2019 13:09

Meeting of student youth with a crafts master Lyubov Vasylivna Dudina

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