Regional news

The students of the Danube branch of IAPM plunged into the microcosm
15 September 2017 16:24

September 14, 2017 the students of the Danube branch of IAPM visited the unique exhibition of the Izmail Museum AV Suvorov, where the freshmen had the opportunity to look into the microcosm

We take care of the health - to learn be healthy!
14 September 2017 16:08

In the Chernigov Institute of the IAPM, a traditional event "Health Day" was held in which students and teachers took part in the celebration of the World Tourism Day and the Day of Physical Culture

Day of Knowledge in the Danubian branch of MAUP
14 September 2017 14:24

On September 1, 2017, a celebration of the Day of Knowledge took place at the MAUP Danube branch. The Academy met the first-year students

In Khmelnytsky Institute IAPM solemn presentation of diplomas took place!
19 July 2017 15:59

July 13th ceremony of awarding diplomas to graduates of the Institute and College

Cooperation of the scientific library with students and teachers of the Odessa Institute of MAUP
10 July 2017 10:16

A meeting with the representative of the Odessa National Science Library was held at the Odessa Institute of MAUP

Ten years of successful cooperation of Khmelnytsky Institute of IAPM with the Ukrainian Center for the Assessment of the Quality of Education
01 July 2017 10:12

For eight years now the Institute has been operating a registration point for individuals who wish to undergo external independent evaluation

Students and teachers of the Odessa Institute of MAUP visited the exhibition "The Ukrainian Book in the Odessa Region"
23 June 2017 16:20

The participants of the book forum presented their proposals for improving the publication and popularization of Ukrainian books

Students of the Khmelnytsky Institute MAUP took part in the event "City of professions - 2017"
29 May 2017 12:51

Visitors had the opportunity to feel themselves as graduates of the Khmelnytsky Institute of the private enterprise "Higher Educational Institution "MAUP "

Another IAPM teacher received a PhD in Public Administration
24 May 2017 20:21

Congratulations to the associate professor of the Department of Public Administration Sergey Viktorovich Levtsov with a degree and a high post

Judicial training session in civil case
24 May 2017 15:30

In the Danube branch of IAPM, a training session on civil affairs took place

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