Regional news

Students' graduation was held at Khmelnytsky Institute
27 2019 18:23

On June 27, a significant and joyful event took place at the Khmelnytsky Institute - the solemn awarding of diplomas to graduates

Draduation the Third Age University's students
13 2019 17:54

Today, a large group of teachers led by the director of the Odessa Institute took part in graduation ceremonies

Students of the Department of Psychology of the Zhytomyr Institute defended their theses
12 2019 12:25

The Department of Psychology held a comprehensive state examination on specialty and a state examination on psychological counseling

The Zhytomyr Institute's students has defended their qualification works
11 2019 10:48

At the Department of Law there has been a comprehensive state examination and defense of diploma works

IAPM Students at the Employment Center
10 2019 15:29

Students of the Department of Economics and Management visited the Izmail Municipal Employment Center in order to learn the skills of writing a resume

All-Ukrainian movement "Campus Ukraine" at the Odessa Institute
10 2019 10:42

Volunteers presented an introductory and entertaining program for students

Вітаємо з ювілеєм! (English)
07 2019 16:18

Директор та колектив Житомирського інституту вітають із ювілеєм Ганну Володимирівну Циганенко

First summer school
06 2019 12:46

On 3-9 June, a teacher of the Danubian branch Iryna Tishik takes part in the work of the First Summer School "Father Klymentiy Sheptytsky - aristocrat of spirit" in Lviv

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