Science and conferences


Science and conferences

Conference "Physical Education in the Context of Modern Education"
18 2019 11:31

Associate Professor of IAPM took part in the XIV Scientific-Methodical Conference

Conference "Development of the system of quality assurance in higher education in Ukraine"
13 2019 13:21

Deputy Head of the Department of Professional Education and Management of the Educational Institution of the IAPM Anatolіy Aleksiyovich Ligotskіy took part in the international conference

Stage II of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Political Science
21 2019 12:00

At the Olympiad, a student from the Odessa Institute presented the Academy

Debate on the occasion of the All-Ukrainian Day of Sciences
19 2019 12:45

Students from the Danubian branch took part in the debates on the topic "The impact of marketing on the formation of public opinion and human behavior"

Zhytomyr institute participated in the program of inclusive education
11 2019 12:32

Representatives of the Institute took part in the First international conference on supporting children with disabilities and their families "Best Start"

Scientific and practical seminar "Innovative technologies as the basis of professional development of the person"
10 2019 16:41

On May 07, 2019, the scientific-practical seminar took place in the conference hall of the Khmelnitsky Institute

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