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Mr. IAPM - 2018
20 2018 16:43

How should a real man be? Strong, brave, smart, have a sense of humor. These were the participants of the "Mr. IAPM - 2018" contest

Students of the Academy honored Kruty heroes
01 2018 16:44

This week Ukrainians honor the fallen in late January 1918 in a battle near Kruty

IAPM Students Hold a Holiday for Children from the Asylum
28 2017 16:46

On the eve of the New Year holidays and Christmas, you want more fun and more gifts than ever. Especially if you're a child

Students of the Academy Visited the Factory of Christmas Decorations
27 2017 17:26

On the eve of the New 2018, students of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management visited the village of Klavdievo, which houses the factory of New Year Christmas decorations

IAPM Students Participated in the National Student Association's Forum
21 2017 17:01

In Sumy, on December 15-17, the Forum of the National Student Association was held

Students of the Academy attended the opening of the All-Ukrainian Right Week
04 2017 16:38

On Monday, December 04, 2017, students of the Educational-Scientific Institute of Law named after Prince Volodymyr the Great MAUP visited the All-Ukrainian Week of Law, which was held with the

IAPM students visited OptimaHouse
06 2017 14:39

On November 5, 2017, a tour of OptimaHouse was conducted by the curators of the Department of Psychology for students 1-3 years

IAPM students were elected to the Goloseevo Student Council
03 2017 14:05

Chairman of the Student Council of the IAPM Arthur Mamonov was elected the chairman of the student council of the Goloseevskiy district in the city of Kiev of the state administration

Beauty Festival "Beauty of Goloseev"
01 November 2017 15:17

Creation of favorable conditions for the mental, social and spiritual development of youth, provision of its social support, aesthetic education and the formation of artistic taste, ensuring the

The Department of Psychology invites students to training and educational circles
10 2017 11:43

In order to improve the quality of the educational process during the training of specialists in the specialty "Psychology" at the Department of Psychology, on 20 and 27 September 2017, the first

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