IAPM Publishing Office

Founded in the same time with IAPM. It specializes in production of original textbooks, adapted to the real conditions of the economy and social life.

IAPM Publications:

One of the main components of the high education in IAPM is the use of the own educational literature. IAPM Publishing office has more than 400 kinds of publications - books, monographs, textbooks on human resource management, management and business, economics, law, pedagogy, psychology and sociology, many of which are recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Among the authors are well-known Ukrainian.

Practical orientation of textbooks has made them good assistants and advisors not only to thousands of IAPM students, but also for researchers, professionals and managers at all levels in their daily work.

Each student gets the set of IAPM Literature free of charge at the beginning of the semester.

IAPM Publishing office is a permanent member of prestigious book fairs.

Publishing staff hopes that IAPM publications will be interesting to all people, who are engaged in studies and human resource management, economics, business and management, law, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other sciences.

Phone of IAPM Publishing office: (044) 490-95-19.

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