Educational complex "Prestige"

Educational complex "Prestige"

License of Department of Education and Science of Kyiv AB №466782 from 02.07.09

Address: Kyiv, Vyhurivskyy boulevard, 13-a

Postal Code: 02232

Tel.: 530-13-21; 532-23-01; 532-23-02.

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 EС "Prestige" at IAPM is a general education institution, which employs a team of creative, energetic, highly skilled professionals, who will provide your child with a high level of knowledge, will develop creative abilities in a comfortable environment, healthy and friendly atmosphere of modern psychological school garden.

Our advantages:
  • The full-day educational institution (8:00 - 19:00);
  • Classes of 16 students;
  • Doing homework at school (grades 1- 6);
  • In-depth study of foreign languages ​​(English and German)
  • Educational trips, visits to museums and theaters;
  • Providing all students with textbooks;
  • Health care program;
  • 5-time healthy, balanced food supply with a opportunity to choose meals;
  • Health care service;
  • Graduates are accepted toIAPM by result of studies, without examinations and with discount up to 7.5%. 
Our primary school is:
  • More than 30 children, who are curious for knowledge, creative, talented, cheerful, talented (aged 6 to 10 years);
  • More than 30 families who are building their present and future with the school.
  • Enriched educational program with additional subjects (foreign languages, Russian, information technology, world culture, logic, classes with "Baby-art", therapeutic physical training);
  • Studios and hobby groups (art studio, karate, choreography, English and German, actor arts, fighting hopak, etc.)
  • Interesting educative traditions (festivals, competitions, open days, art-actions, theaters, tours, entertainment);
  • Day care with doing homework with the help of teacher.
In EC "Prestige" your child may attend such additional classes:
  • Choreography,
  • English,
  • Integrated educational program «Baby-art»,
  • Comprehensive development studio in educational centers,
  • Preparing for school,
  • •development center,
  • Karate-Do,
  • Cossack fighting art "Gopak",
  • Vocal and instrumental studio,
  • Choreographic studio "Dream",
  • Gymnastic studio,
  • "Theatre art" and "Art and Design School",
  • Chess,
  • Studio "Harmony of Life" (Yevmenova board, prevention of musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory systems, laying the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, "Phyto-cabinet" sessions, aromatherapy, herbal teas, fortification courses.
 Vital activity of 5 - 11 classes

Foreign Languages Profile ​​(5 academic hours on Sunday)

Practice shows that students who come to our institution, require special attention. Parents trust the private institution as the one that will provide a quality education from certain bias (additional items), will take into account their psychological characteristics, individual qualities develop creativity, organize interesting and useful leisure in the full-day school.

We do not aim to select the "cream" on admission to the institution, because the institution does not have in priorities working with gifted children only.

31 teachers work in EC "Prestige", including 11 specialist teachers, 8 – 1st category teacher, 12 – the highest category teachers.

For high school students program provides additional lessons in the selected specialization. Lessons are taught by highly qualified teachers and students also write graduate works on selected topics.


  • Managing a small business (small business manager)
  • Psychology (assistant psychology)
  • Science of law
  • Information technology (programming and work with the PC)
  • Philology (international relations, ethnology)

Headship of "Prestige" creates optimal conditions for training, education and harmonious development of children:

  • Library and museum
  • Sport, dancing and assembly halls
  • Computer classes with access to the Internet.
  • Specialized classrooms
  • Health care
 Our pride

Students are the highest value of each school. Our "Prestigious" children are really special. They are talented, hardworking and cheerful. Focused on creativity, life success, knowing the world and its transformations. They win Olympiads (mathematics, Ukrainian and foreign languages, computer graphics), art competitions and exhibitions.

Child Development Center "Stork"

This is a special structure of pre-school education, where 4, 5, 6-yeared children are developing, training and educating in groups of temporary stay. (No household and operational points, only 3-4 sessions a day, 3-4 times a week.) This allows special children (with chronic illnesses, or peculiarities of behavior and emotional sphere, or just with the parents abilit to keep baby at home before school) to acquire the preschool education with specialists in appropriate environment and society (children's team), to develop their abilities, get ready for school.

The program of education: mathematics, mother tongue, English, computer alphabet with developing games, chirography (preparation to handwriting), children's book, art hour, music sessions with a speech therapist. After the preparation all future first-graders pass the psychological diagnostics of school maturity and receive psycho-pedagogical card, which is a nessessary certificate of pre-school education.

EC "Prestige" Admission rules

To kindergarten

Children aged from 2.5 to 6 years are accepted

After the interview with the Director parents have to submit the following documents:

  • Medical card with a pediatrician resolution for attending kindergarten.
  • Standard statement from parents.
  • Agreement on childs stay in kindergarten.

 Mortgage is paid (according to the Agreement). Every year setting of kindergarten groups for the next academic year begins on January 1.

To the 1 class

Children aged 6 years are accepted (as on September 1). In some cases, children, who are under 6 years old, but not younger than 5 years 8 months, are accepted.

Then the procedure is the same as for admission to kindergarten.

For timely assessment of abilities before admission to an institution, children pass testing (detailed acquaintance with the child) and interview.

Annual admission of the future first-graders startsfrom 1 January.

On admission to "Prestige" lyceum students are tested on:

  • Ukrainian language and literature
  • Mathematical logic
  • Foreign language (optional)

Graduates of EC "Prestige" at IAPM get a state certificate of secondary education.

For admission you have to submit:

  • Application addressed to the Director
  • Birth certificate or passport
  • Personnel files
  • Document about the education
  • Health card
  • Passport of one parent

We are waiting for you and your children!

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