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Bibliographic data of SCOPUS-indexed publications of the IAPM staff. 

Research Centre is a division of IAPM, which organizes and coordinates the research work of teachers and students of Presidential University and Ukrainian university -  Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. 

The main tasks of the Center:
  • Monitoring the implementation and adjustment of scientific research plans of IAPM.
  • Ensuring work of the editorial Board of "Scientific works of IAPM".
  • Methodical support of IAPM scientists on preparation of articles in international journals that are indexed in SCOPUS scientometric system, accounting SCOPUS-indexed publications of the IAPM staff.
  • Organization of general academic scientific conferences.
  • Ensuring cooperation with the Academy of Institute of Innovative Technology and Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine on working with students.
  • Implementation of informational and methodological assistance in the organization of students scientific works in educational departments of the Academy.
  • Participation of students in International and all-Ukrainian student scientific competitions, contests, conferences, which are held by Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine.
  • Coordination and promotion of students research groups.
  • Studying and generalization of positive academic experience of other universities and its implementation in the Academy.

The center is located in the housing MBIC, tel.: 525-29-35 or int.: 13-47, 14-41, 12-74, 14-74.

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