Department of Social Sciences and Social Work

The general academic department provides teaching of social disciplines in all institutes of IAPM, and also prepares students in the specialty "Social Work".

The program for the training of social workers prepared at the department is focused on modern world standards for the training of specialists in social management. It is based both on modern applied research in the field of social work and management and administration, project management, taking into account the specifics of the regional level, using an integrated approach with a focus on economic, legal and psychological support in the training of future social workers. 

During the training, students have practical training on the basis of various governmental and non-governmental institutions and organizations (children's shelters, rehabilitation centers, Ukrainian and international charitable and public organizations). Beside professionally oriented disciplines, much attention is paid to studying foreign languages, students’ participation in All-Ukrainian Olympiads, conferences, competitions of scientific student works. Graduate students of the department can work in government agencies involved in planning and developing programs to support socially disadvantaged groups of the population; in public and charitable organizations, as well as in commercial organizations providing social services; research organizations involved in the study of social problems.

Students are given the opportunity to realize professional interests through participating in volunteer activities (working with children, adolescents, the elderly people, persons with disabilities, etc.), developing and implementing their own social projects.

Social and philosophical disciplines occupy a special place in the educational process of a modern university, since they are aimed at forming the student’s worldview, shaping a future specialist and a highly educated person and citizen. Today, the department provides the teaching of such courses as: "Philosophy", "Political Science", "Social Policy", "Social Work with Various Groups of Clients", "Specialized Services in the Social Sphere", "Sociology of Deviant Behavior", "Social and Political Conflicts" “Social Philosophy”, “History and Culture of Ukraine”, “Logic”, “Sociology”, “Ethics and Aesthetics”, “Culturology”, “Religious Studies”, “Fundamentals of Scientific Research”, “Methodology and Organization of Scientific Research”, “Public relations”, “Rhetori”, “Ethics of business communication”, etc.

The department is headed by Ph.D. Tamara Vladimirovna Nych. Scientific interests: history of philosophy, logic, philosophy of education, philosophy of psychology, methodology of scientific research. The author of scientific works devoted to the study of Ukrainian philosophy – historical and philosophical heritage of V.F. Asmus, philosophy of language of A.A. Potebnia.

The faculty of the department of social sciences and social work is represented by experts in the field of philosophical, political science, pedagogical, sociological and historical knowledge. Scientific and methodological filling of courses and research work is carried out by lecturers of the department.

Holovaty N.F., Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Personnel Academy, Full Member of the Academy of Social Technologies and Local Government, Full Member (Academician) of the Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, Honored Educator. He is the author of more than 500 scientific papers, including monographs on topical issues of political science, and the textbooks Political Psychology (2001), Sociology of Politics (2003), Political Management (2010), Political Life (2013) and others. Since 2017, the M.F. Holovaty Scientific School has been operating on the basis of the department, which carries out research on the topic “Dynamics of the Interaction of a Political State and Civil Society in a Multi-Ethnic Country”.

Varzar I. M. – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, Academician of the International Academy of Life Safety, Honorary Doctor of Uzhgorod National University, Honorary Professor of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management; author of numerous articles and monographs; main areas of scientific research: political ethnology, which he, in fact, founded, sociology, reformation science, revolutionology, literary criticism.

Melkov Yu. A. – Doctor of Philosophy, author of more than 140 scientific works, including 3 monographs: “Fact in Post-Non-Classical Science” (2004), “Many-Faced Democracy” (2011, co-authored; English-language edition 2016 – “The Many-Faced Democracy")," The humanity of post-non-classical science "(2014). Research interests: philosophy of post-non-classical science, philosophy of education, virtual studies, philosophy of democracy, practical philosophy.

Grabovenko N.V. – PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Center for Quality Assurance of Higher Education of IAPM, author of numerous scientific and scientific and methodological works in the field of social pedagogy, social work, management of educational institutions. The main areas of research: new trends in the development of higher education, the theory of social work, the non-governmental sector in the social sphere, the organization of volunteer activities, social project management, social work with different groups of clients.

Palm N. D. – PhD in Philosophical Sciences, associate professor, author of about 50 scientific and scientific-methodological works, including textbooks; Research interests: philosophy and sociology of culture, actual problems of the modern development of society.

Proskulikova L. N. – PhD in Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, author of more than 70 scientific papers, including the textbook “History of Philosophy: The Problem of Man” (2016, fourth edition, co-authored). Research interests: philosophical anthropology, history of philosophy, philosophy myths.

Pugach V. G. – PhD in Political Sciences, associate professor; main areas of research: political communication, information security, political propaganda, political process management, public opinion.

Chirkova E. A. – PhD in Historical Sciences, associate professor, author of about 30 scientific and educational works, research interests: religious studies, church history, problems of modern church-state relations, philosophy of politics.

Shapovalova A. N. – PhD in Political Sciences, associate professor, author of about 30 scientific papers, since 2004 an active participant in the conduct of the electoral process at the local level (city, village, village councils); Research interests - political institutions and processes, publicity of power, global civil society, PR-technologies in political activities.
Nelga T.A. – PhD in sociological sciences, associate professor, range of scientific interests - sociology of family, education, sociology of personality, gender studies, methodology of sociological studies, reliability of sociological information.
Bisenbaev F.K. – PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor, author of more than 50 scientific and methodological works, range of scientific interests - sociology, philosophy, social policy, social leadership, modern sociological theories.
Bondarenko N.A. – PhD in pedagogical sciences, associate professor, author of about 30 scientific papers in the field of social work and pedagogy, a circle of scientific interests - social pedagogy, methods of social work, social audit and inspection, social forecasting and design.
Kostyuk E.S. - PhD in historical sciences, associate professor of the department, author of more than 50 scientific works on the history of Ukraine 20-30 years of the twentieth century, archival studies, the history of domestic and foreign academic science, including co-author of a collective monograph on the history of academic science in Europe.


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