Educational-Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences

інститут міжнародних відносин та лінгвістики

Educational-Scientific Institute of International Relations and Social Sciences has been operating in the educational services market since 2000.

Scientific degree – Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Teaches disciplines: Social psychology, psychology of personality, differential psychology, psychology of mass behavior, psychology of traumatic situations, socio-psychological adaptation.

Biography: in 2000 she graduated from Pavel Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University.

From 2000 to 2003 she studied at the graduate school of the G.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of NAPS of Ukraine. Professional and scientific interest: In 2004 she defended her dissertation on the topic: "Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the effective use of worldview dialogues in the learning process" (19.00.07 - age and pedagogical psychology). In 2014 – a doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Theoretical and methodological principles of training psychologists to work with socially maladapted minors" (19.00.07 - age and educational psychology). Associate Professor of Psychology (2006). Professor of the Department of Psychology (2014)

Author of more than 120 scientific papers on the psychology of socially maladapted minors: monographs (individual and collective), a textbook for University students “Psychology of working with socially maladapted minors”, scientific and popular science articles.

Psychological practice is carried out in the direction of training programs “Associative methods of work in counseling and psychotherapy”, “Working with subparts”, “Family systemic psychotherapy” in which future psychologists are trained in the author's technique of working with clients" Therapeutic target ".

The Institute trains specialists in the first (on the basis of a full secondary education and a junior specialist, the second (on the basis of a bachelor educational levels.

For those wishing to study at the third (educational-scientific) level, the Institute offers postgraduate and doctoral programs in the specialties, "Public Administration and Administration", "Public Administration"

The Institute collaborates with numerous countries, including Azerbaijan, Iran, Cameroon, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Georgia, Cyprus, Belarus, etc.

Training is carried out by full-time, part-time and distance forms.

The institute has student government, which deals with the problems of formation of training and educational programs, education, life and students’ free pastime.

Students have at their disposal various sports sections, creative studios, and intellectual discussion spaces.

Student Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman) provides expert assistance in solving the problems of students.

The research and teaching staff, together with employers, helps students build the competencies they need to successfully adapt to independent work, using the following components of the educational process: non-formal education, dual training, conferences, seminars, round tables, disputes, discussions and training practices.

Training of specialists in the Institute is carried out by  five departments that in such specialties and educational programs:


Field of knowledge


Educational program / specialization

International relations and organization of tourist activity

29 International

291 International relations, public communications and regional studios

International relations, public communications and regional studios


International relations and diplomacy of European countries


24 Services industry

242 Tourism


International tourism

Foreign philology and translation

03 Humanities

035 Philology


Translation. English (the second language is French)

Translation. English (the second language is German)

035.041 – German languages and literatures (including translation)

first language – English


035.055 – Roman languages and literatures (including translation)

first language – French

Social Sciences and Social work

23 Social work

231 Social work


Social work


Socio-legal work


05 Social and Behavioural Sciences

053 Psychology



Clinical psychology

Public Administration

28 Public administration and administration

281 Public administration and administration

Public administration and administration

Public administration

There are educational and scientific laboratories at the Institute:

  • Center for Practical Psychology
  • Center for psychological counseling and psychocorrection
  • Laboratory of Practical Psychology
  • Translation Center
  • Oratory club “Public servant”

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