Educational Institute of Management, Economy and Finance

Educational-Scientific Institute of Management, Economics and Finance (ESIMEF) is established on the basis of two leading institutes of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (Educational-Scientific Institute of International Economics and Finance named after Saint Grand Duchess Olga and Institute of Management and Public Health since April 3, 2017. However, the history of the Institute dates back almost to the founding of the Academy, since 1993.

The Institute is purposefully implementing a comprehensive model of the educational process, which includes educational programs, educational and methodological support for educational degrees "Bachelor" and "Master", aimed at the formation of professional and social-emotional competences, which should be able to anticipate the changing needs of society in the future taking into account tendencies and prospects of development of business environment, information technologies. NIMEF introduced the principles and guidelines of the educational process: mobility and flexibility, international orientation, certification of educational disciplines and educational programs, practical orientation, emotional intelligence, integration of general competences between educational programs, blocking of teaching, modularity and consolidation of disciplines, emphasis on individual component of learning.

Educational and Scientific Institute of Management, Economics and Finance is:

  • Opportunity to obtain higher education at the first (bachelor's) and second (master's) educational levels: in the field of knowledge 05 "Social and Behavioral Sciences", specialty 051 "Economics"; in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and administration" in the specialties: 071 "Accounting and taxation", 072 "Finance, banking and insurance", 073 "Management", 075 "Marketing"; in the field of knowledge 28 "Public administration and administration", specialty 281 "Public administration and administration".
  • a powerful, professional scientific-pedagogical team that allows to train economists, marketers, financiers, accountants and managers;
  • the modern level of the educational process, which is ensured through the introduction of progressive domestic and foreign forms of organization of the educational process, the use of modern information technologies and active teaching methods, practical situations and control;
  • use of effective non-auditory forms of education, namely: participation in all-Ukrainian competitions of student research papers, international exhibitions of advertising, marketing, mass media, advertising festivals, discussion round tables with the obligatory involvement of leading scientists, economists-practitioners, managers-practitioners ;
  • organization of training according to the modern European educational model "teacher (scientist) – educational and scientific association of students – student creative research work", which ensures permanent acquisition of knowledge;
  • student scientific circles;
  • student collective with advanced self-government;
  • creation of good conditions for leisure (traditional events: "Freshmen 's dedication"; "Freshman' s debut"; contest of Ukrainian student song "Autumn Opening Day"; Student 's Winter Ball; MAUP Student Beauty; Mr MAUP; Artistic Theater Festival; "Cossack Fun" for the Feast of the Intercession; photo exhibitions; flower exhibitions; exhibitions of household items and dishes of those nationalities representing students from different countries studying in the Academy; sports competitions in football, volleyball and street ball; participation in charity events (event dedicated to the Day of St. Nicholas for orphans), meetings with prominent public and political figures.

Quality assurance of research and educational activity at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Management, Economics and Finance is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” of 01.07.2014 No. 1556-VII (Article 16. Quality Assurance System for Higher Education) and other normative documents. The internal quality assurance system provides for the Institute's implementation of the following procedures and measures (in accordance with the Law):

  • defining the principles and procedures for quality assurance in higher education;
  • monitoring and periodic review of educational programs;
  • providing advanced training for pedagogical, scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff;
  • ensuring the availability of the necessary resources to organize the educational process, including the independent work of students in each educational program;
  • ensuring the availability of information systems for effective management of the educational process;
  • ensuring publicity of information on educational programs, degrees of higher education and qualification;
  • ensuring an effective system for preventing and detecting academic plagiarism in the scientific works of higher education workers and higher education applicants;
  • other procedures and measures.

The main purpose of functioning of the quality assurance system of research and educational activities of the Institute is:

  • maintaining a high level and continuous improvement of the system of quality assurance of educational activity and quality of higher education;
  • the most complete satisfaction of the requirements and expectations of service providers and other stakeholders in the field of education and research;
  • fulfilment of the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, decisions and orders of state authorities concerning the sphere of activity of the Academy.

Specialized Scientific Council D 26.142.03 was created and effectively operates at the Institute with the right to accept and defend the dissertations for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Economic Sciences in the specialties 08.00.03 "Economics and Management of National Economy", 08.00.04 "Economics and enterprise management (by type of economic activity) "and 08.00.05" Productive Forces Development and Regional Economy ". For those wishing to study at the third educational and scientific level there is postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Six graduates of the Institute are graduating today, in particular:

  • Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, Head of the Department - Doctor of Economics, Professor Dacii Alexander Ivanovich;
  • Department of Management, Head of the Department - Doctor of Economics, Professor Maria Petrivna Bukovinskaya;
  • Department of Accounting and Taxation, Head of the Department – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Koval Mykola Ivanovych;
  • Department of Marketing, Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, Professor Romanova Lidiya;
  • Department of Economics and Business Management, Deputy Head of the Department – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher Kozlova Alla Ivanovna.
  • Department of Personnel Management and Labor Economics, Head of the Department – Doctor of Economics, Professor Dmitrenko Gennady Anatoliyovich.

The teaching staff of NIMEF has 85 full-time and 18 contracted teaching staff.

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