Culture news

Happy programmer's day!
20 2019 15:49

Dear colleagues! Congratulations on your professional holiday! We wish you many more miles of program code, a geometric progression of salary, and an inexhaustible supply of hot coffee in the

An excursion to ancient Chernihiv
25 2019 17:30

Students and staff of the Presidential University visited the National Architectural and Historical Reserve "Ancient Chernigiv"

Contest "Miss IAPM - 2019"
22 2019 13:50

Truly beautiful and amazing girls took part in the contest "Miss IAPM - 2019"

Concept-terminology dictionary "Church Terms" was published
16 2019 16:03

The authors of the dictionary are well-known Ukrainian scholars

Orchestra Performed at the Interregional Academy
14 2018 11:25

Before the faculty and students of the Academy, the Variety Orchestra of the Center for Musical Arts of the State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies, made its congratulations to the audience 20 years

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