Accounting and Taxation Department

Head of the Department – Koval Mykova Ivanovych, PhD in Economics, Senior Researcher, Associate Professor, Professor of IPA, Honored Economist of Ukraine (bld. 2, office 31, ext. 12-07)

Deputy Head of Department – Oksana Tsimoshynska, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

(office 31, ext. 12-07).

03039, м. Kyiv, 2, Frometivska str., office 31

tel: +38 (044) 490-95-00, ext. 12-07

The task of the department is to train specialists in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and administration" specialty 071 "Accounting and taxation" by educational levels:

  • Bachelor in specialty 071 "Accounting and Taxation";
  • Master in specialty 071 "Accounting and taxation".

Scientific and methodological activity of the department

The teaching staff of the department conducts scientific work within the framework of the IAUP general academic theme for 2016-2020 “Reforming Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Ukraine”. The research results are presented at numerous scientific conferences and seminars. On the regular basis are conducted round tables, scientific and practical conferences with the involvement of teachers of the department, students, practitioners on improving the methods and organization of accounting, analysis and control (audit), taxation system is practiced.

According to the results of scientific researches, 42 scientific works were published by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department in the period of 2011-2019, including 25 articles and 20 abstracts at the International scientific, All-Ukrainian scientific and regional scientific-practical conferences, and more than a dozen monographs were published, textbooks and tutorials.

Teachers of the department participated in more than 20 scientific-practical conferences.

Students' research work is also conducted on the of the scientific research theme of the department. Its results are reflected in diploma papers, reports at scientific conferences and seminars.

The teaching staff of the department constantly updates and improves educational and methodological support of teaching financial and economic disciplines, introduces innovative teaching technologies in order to improve the quality of education and competitiveness of graduates of specialty 071 "Accounting and taxation".

More than four dozen courses of lectures on basic disciplines of the department and other methodical support of the educational process have been developed.

There is a scientific student research group "Economic Knowledge" (headed by the Associate Professor Oksana Tsimoshinskaya), who holds monthly classes with the students of NIMEF.

5 postgraduate students and trained at the department.

Educational work

The task of the department is the modern preparation of bachelors and masters of full-time, distance and correspondence forms of study in the specialty 071 "Accounting and taxation" with the study of such economic disciplines: "Introduction to the specialty", "Accounting", "Financial accounting I" and "Financial accounting II", "Accounting and Auditing", "Audit", "Methodology and Organization of Audit", "International Accounting and Auditing Standards", "Models and Decision-Making Methods in Analysis and Audit", "Accounting Organization", "Accounting in budgetary institutions", "Accounting in foreign countries", "Organization of accounting at small business enterprises, "Accounting expertise", "Accounting and forensic examination", "Forensic accounting", "Internal (management) accounting", "Expertise and analysis of the state budget", "Examination and evaluation of property", "Accounting for Foreign Economic Activity", "Accounting and Analysis of Foreign Economic Activity", "Valuation and Expertise of Real Estate", "Theory of Economic Analysis", "Strategic Analysis", "Organization and Methods of Economic Analysis", "Economic Analysis», «Reporting of enterprises», «Controlling», «State financial control», «Computer systems 1C: «Enterprise», «Methods of teaching accounting and auditing», «Computer systems 1C: «Accounting», «Public financial control", "Strategic analysis of foreign economic activity", "Management information systems", "Internal economic control", "Computer audit", "Management of accounting and financial processes", "Modeling of financial and accounting processes", "Accounting policy of the enterprise", "Organization of budget execution", “Accounting and tax reporting”, “Tax system”, “Tax management” and others.

The department of accounting and taxation prepares specialists for accounting and preparation of accounting, financial, tax, management, statistical and special reports, as well as the performance of financial and analytical work at the enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership, carrying out audits, conducting budget expertise at state and regional levels and analysis to identify misuse of budgetary resources; optimization of the system of taxation of enterprises and organizations, individuals and legal entities; budgetary management of fiscal bodies.

Perspective job opportunities for graduates of the specialty "Accounting and taxation" are: domestic and joint ventures, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, branch and representative office of international companies; financial companies (banks, insurance companies, investment companies, state and private pension funds, etc.); audit companies; financial inspections; stock and commodity exchanges; bodies of state executive and legislative power at all levels; budgetary institutions; fiscal authorities; research institutes, educational establishments in economic education, consulting centers, etc.


Lecturers Staff

The teaching staff of the department of accounting and taxation is represented by specialists with sufficient practical and scientific experience. The department employs 14 lecturers, of them 2 Doctors of economics and 11 Doctors of Philosophy in economics (including 3 associate professors).

6 part-timers are also involved in teaching the disciplines, 1 of which holds a PhD in economics and 5 - a PhD in economics.