Department of Economics and Business Management

Deputy Head of Department - Kozlova Alla Ivanovna, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor

(build. 2, office 37, int. 15-16)

03039, м. Kyiv, 2, Frometivska str., office 37

Tel: +38 (044) 490-95-00, int. 15-16

The task of the department is to train specialists in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and administration" of specialty 073 "Management", and specialists in the field of knowledge 05 "Social and behavioral sciences" in specialty 051 "Economics", by educational levels

  • Bachelor in Management 073 (Economics and Business Management);
  • Master in "Management" 073 (educational program "Economics and Business Management");
  • Bachelor in specialty 051 "Economics" (educational program "Economics and Management of Enterprises");
  • Master in specialty 051 "Economics" (educational program "Economics and Enterprise Management").

The department trains specialists in the specialty 073 "Management" of the specialties "Economics and Business Management", in the specialty 051 "Economics" specialization "Economics and Enterprise Management".

More than 60 disciplines are assigned to the department, including: "Economics of the enterprise", "Economic theory", "Regional economy", "Modeling in management of socio-economic systems", "Anti-crisis management", "Competitiveness of the enterprise", "Organizational culture", "Production Organization", "Strategic Business Management", "Production Conflict Management", "Project Management", "Quality Management".

The department successfully operates a student research group “Innovative directions of business management”, in which classes with the students of the Academy are held monthly.

The department trains specialists in economic analysis of the state of economic entities; specialists of calculations of economic indicators to the financial and economic plans of enterprises and organizations; specialists of lease agreements, credit and insurance agreements; management of material resources of business entities; operations in the financial market; management activities in the field of economy, finance of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms; management of the team that shapes the economic policy of the enterprise; preparing proposals for improving the economic performance of enterprises.

Perspective jobs for graduates of the specialty 073 "Management" are: domestic enterprises and enterprises with the foreign capital share, branches and representative offices of international companies; financial companies (banks, insurance companies, investment companies, pension funds, etc.); stock exchanges; state bodies of executive and legislative power at all levels; research institutes, educational establishments on economic education, consulting centers.



The Department was founded on September 1, 1999 as the Department of Economics. In 2019, it was renamed the Department of Economics and Business Management.

The task of the department is to prepare the applicants for higher education in the first (bachelor's) and second (master's) levels of higher education, studying full-time, part-time and distantly.

Its first head was Osokina Valentina, PhD in Economics, Professor of IPA. Since 2005 – Natalia Malysh, PhD in Economics, Professor, since 2006 – Gennady Krivoborodenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor, since 2010 – Alla Ivanova Kozlova, PhD in Economics, Senior Researcher, Professor of MKA. From 2018 – Safonova Vera Evgenievna, Doctor of Economics, Professor at the Moscow Academy of Sciences. Since September 2019 – Deputy Head of the Department Kozlova Alla Ivanovna, Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Senior Researcher, Professor of MKA.


The composition of the department

The teaching staff of the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance is formed of specialists who have sufficient practical and scientific experience.

There are 9 lecturers in the department staff, including:

  • 9 PhDs in Economic Sciences.

Teaching assistants are also involved in teaching the subjects:

  • 2 Doctors of Economics, Professors;
  • 6 PhDs in Economic Sciences.